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Topic: Dominion Over The Mighty

Text: Judges 5 vs 13, Psalm 72 vs 8.

Confessions: I shall have dominion from sea to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth in Jesus' mighty name.


In Judges 5 vs 13, the Bible says: "Then he made him that remaineth have dominion over the nobles among the people: The Lord made me have dominion over the mighty". This is awesome! Deborah sang this song in the whole of Judges Chapter 5 to underscore the supremacy of the might of God over other lords. There are powers that the Bible calls "principalities and powers"( Ephesians 6:12); "other lords"( Isaiah 26 vs 13);  "rulers", "spiritual wickedness", "taskmasters( Exodus 1:11) and "kings of the earth"( Psalm 2 vs 2). All these are repressive and malevolent forces that are at work against the peace and liberty of children of God.

God understands all these and that is why He gave man dominion over all things from the foundation of the earth( Gen. 1 vs 28). What is dominion? Dominion is the authority,  honour and might of God at work in the life and circumstances of His children. It is a force of divine ascendancy powered by the counsel of the Almighty. It is a decree of domination which cannot be revoked. It is a spiritual right of possession for the dispossession of the ungodly! God did not make man to be a minion: He made Him to be a lion and dominion is the muscle of conquest available to everyone that is of God.

The mighty are all around us: on the road; in the office;  home;  Church, neighborhood, business environment and everywhere. They are proud and boastful. They are vicious and atrocious. They bark orders at us. They demand not only respect but worship! They are little men exalting themselves against the knowledge of our God. Anyone that has power without fear of God is in this club of oppressors. We don't need to fight them or abuse them: just report them to God and see what become of them.

Mahatma Ghandi was not a Christian but his teachings pointed at Godly tenets. He once said: "there is no shame in being a slave; there is shame in being a slave owner!". We need to be careful not to make slave of anyone.  Everyone around us are appointed for us by God: they must be treated well. Otherwise, we become the mighty that Deborah spoke about. Every master that ill- treats his subordinate has transferred his right of dominion to that subordinate because God is a God of the oppressed!
Today, God will give you victory over oppressive powers. He will enforce your dominion over the mighty and make you a victor in Jesus' name. Husbands that oppress their wives are taking a bad risk: the table may turn anytime and the minion will become a lion. I pray such husbands will repent quickly in Jesus' name. Bosses that sit over the entitlements and privileges of their subordinates should be careful. God's grace flows freely to the weak and the disadvantaged. Everyone that is an enemy is a loser: why? All the curses of God are upon the enemy!

Brethren, today's message may seem hard- it is a kernel: ignore the hard shell and take the soft nut . God will dethrone your troublers and pursuers today. He will humble the proud and make Pharaoh fizzle out like a noise in Jesus' name. Just ensure that you are not a Pharaoh because God says that ."....Pharaoh king of Egypt is but a noise; he hath passed the time appointed"( Jer. 46 vs 17).  Time will overtake every Pharaoh standing in your way in Jesus' name.


Praise & Worship.
1. Lord of hosts, I bless your holy name for being a mighty army in battle in Jesus' name.
2. I receive power to overrun Pharaoh standing in my way in Jesus' name.
3. I send the chariots of God to my troublers in Jesus' name.
4. Evil scripts prepared against my lifting, burn to ashes in Jesus' name.
5. Father, withdraw and burn  the prayer accounts of all my enemies in Jesus' name.
6. Evil thrones boasting against my increase, crash without repairs in Jesus' name.
7. King of Persia, receive fire of God and release my helpers in Jesus' name.
8. Powers detaining my angels of breakthrough, die in Jesus' name.
9. Flood of favour from heaven, fall upon me now in Jesus' name.
10. Powers assigned to turn my friends to enemies, die in Jesus' name.
11. Lord of all grace, create irresistible urge in my helpers to help me every moment in Jesus' name.
12. Miracle jobs programmed to fast tract my increase, locate me now in Jesus' name.
13. I reject success without strength in Jesus' name.
14. My name shall not be tagged to a bed of languishing in Jesus' name.
15. Powers assigned to cast me down from great heights, die in Jesus' name.
16. Anointing of pursuit without progress, dry up now in Jesus' name.
17. Lord,destroy every dream and revelation of relegation concerning me in Jesus' name.
18. My Prince shall not walk barefooted in Jesus' name.
19.  Father, take away every evil servant assigned against my promotion in Jesus' name.
20. My time of blooming will never expire in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you Lord for granting me dominion over the mighty in Jesus' name.

Glory to The Lord of dominion. Pls, pray & share. God bless you. Pastor Dele Oyewale( June 12th, 2014).





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