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Topic: Grace for New Possibilities

Text: 2 Corinthians 9 vs 8, 1 Peter 5:10.


I'm the possibility of God. I'm His workmanship and the proof of His glory. God is able to make new beauty and bounty available to me through His power that works in me. He is able to do a new thing for me. He is able to make all grace abound towards me and make me have all sufficiency in all things in Jesus' name. Amen.


The world is an expanse and so are the possibilities of God for all His children. God does not intend that any of His children live with old testimonies, old favors, old dresses, old healing, old affection and all old glories,  without an addition. Life is boring without freshness. The Lord who can make a new day comes every twenty-four hour, can make a new song comes all the time, if we ask Him for it. No wonder, in Isaiah 43 vs 19, the Lord says that, He will do a new thing! Yes, a new thing the Lord will do for you today in Jesus' name.

Your possibilities of this hour are good but they can get better! Your job, businesses, anointing, houses, health , finances and all other testimonies around you are quite good, but they can get better. Life is about possibilities. Has it occurred to you that, God is not limited to your current state? Has it crossed your mind that, something better is there waiting in the horizon, waiting for your asking and prayers? The river is good but it can become a sea, the sea can become an ocean, the ocean can become something bigger!

In Revelation 21 vs 1, the Bible talks about a new heaven and a new earth. You don't have to wait till rapture before you come under a new heaven: you can ask for it here and it will be done. If you are not doing well under your existing heaven, you can ask for a new heaven. The new heaven will come with new rains, new sunshine, new stars, new angels, new miracles and wonders. You can ask God to change your heaven and He will do it for you. There is someone reading this and your spirit is receiving this new blessing: God will change your heaven today in Jesus' name.

How do we access these new possibilities of God? First is by grace. Grace is the end of race and the beginning of pace for those who trust God. Hear the words of God in 2 Corinthians 9 vs : "And God is able to make all grace abound toward you;  that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work". This is a blank cheque for you: you have ALL SUFFICIENCY IN ALL THINGS( emphasis mine). And you have this, not by your efforts but by the exploits of God- by His grace alone. As you ask for this grace, you will have it in Jesus' name.

Second is by faith! God's possibilities are endless but your faith is your key. When you live by faith, you live in the rain- in the overflow of the supplies of God, In the downpour of His riches.  Faith is the only fact of God and if you are of God, it is your only fact. What you believe is what you become! Grace is the hand that offers you God's possibilities but your faith is your hand to receive them. This means that, it is possible to fail, even with grace. Grace with faith is the completion of possibilities. Today, God will work on your faith to make you partakers of His grace in Jesus' name.

Brethren, new possibilities are around. Don't be complacent. Don't give up also. Look beyond your orbit. Think outside the box. Strive for a new success and God will surprise you in Jesus' name. Tall ambition is the only responsibility of life. If we have joy, we should not rest on our oars because what God wants is that our joy should be full( John 15:11). If we have rest, the rest can become peace. If we have riches, the riches can become wealth. If we have light, the light can be greater and if we have salvation, the salvation can make us inherit the kingdom of God in Jesus' name.

Praise God for your present state but praise Him more for what He will do next for you. No matter your condition, you are blessed because the gift of life is what qualifies you for possibilities. There is no possibility for the dead. So, gather yourself together and look up!  Listen to me: God is not a waster- it is costing Him so much to keep you alive- if He does not have something waiting for you, He will not be wasting His resources keeping you alive! So, there is something waiting for you- you will attain unto the heights reserved for you in Jesus' name.


Praise & Worship.

1. Glory to the God of all grace that has given me all things freely to enjoy in Jesus' name.
2. Father, remove the veil covering my eyes and help me to see new possibilities in Jesus' name.
3. Evil dam on my rivers, break in Jesus' name.
4. Lord, make a new heaven for my sake and place me under it in Jesus' name.
5. Holy Ghost, distraction costing me my expansion, destroy it in Jesus' name.
6. O Lord arise, take me to the best possibilities of my talents in Jesus' name.
7.  Promote me from financial flow to overflow in Jesus' name.
8. Father in an emergency,  move me from a room of joy to a hall of bliss in Jesus' name.
9.  King of glory, excite me with new favors and help in Jesus' name.
10. Powers of cobweb affecting my glory, burn to ashes in Jesus' name.
11.  Lord,  make my life a generator of goodness in Jesus' name.
12.  Terminate every desert of love around me in Jesus' name.
13.  Lord Jesus, break and burn every coffin made in my name in Jesus' name.
14.  Father, clothe me with a garment of earthly and heavenly reception in Jesus' name.
15.  Change every noise of my life to good news in  Jesus' name.
16.  I receive new grace to eat food of champions in Jesus' name.
17. Father, confirm my appointment in the palace in Jesus' name.
18.  By your power and spirit, humiliate evil spies hanging around my life in Jesus' name.
19.  O Lord, plug my life on your current of daily revelations in Jesus' name.
20. Make me deaf to mischief and mishap in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you Lord for beautifying me with new blessings in Jesus' name.

Thank you Lord for moving us forward. Pls, pray and share. Pastor Dele Oyewale, April 24th, 2014.





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