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Topic: Love Without Dissimulation

Text: Romans 12 vs 9-10.  Galatians 5 vs 13, 1 Peter 1 vs 22.  1 Cor. 13 vs 1-13.



Welcome to the season of love! Valentine's Day  is not a Biblical event but its message is the very heart of Christianity.  Love is in short supply today in the world and it is the only reason why there is no peace, rest, joy and sustainable success across the world. God is love and the only thing that attracts Him to us is the dimension of love in our hearts. Miracles are not wrought by men, they are wrought by God and the quickest way to get God do something we desperately need is to love others recklessly!

Reckless love? Yes! Until you offer your love to the undeserving, the unlovable, the wild and profane among men, you have not loved! You cannot love for a wrong reason and you cannot hate for a right reason. God says "let love be without dissimulation"( Romans 12 vs 9).  Hypocrisy is a thriving industry in the world today. Deceit is a juicy meal in the mouths of many. Lies and selfishness have taken over the hearts of men and women, so much that love becomes a risk, trust an adventure and relationships a bad gamble. It is bad. It is sad.

The only reason we suffer delay in many respects is because there is no love in us. We judge others in matters that we are worse off. We plot against others. We prepare lies and decorate them in fanciful robes and expect God to be taken in by them. Jesus Christ is heart-broken in heaven because there is no love again in our midst. "For God so LOVED the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him will not perish but have everlasting life"( John 3 vs 16). Where is the God-kind of love?  This is the crux of the mater.

Brethren, this season calls for sober reflection. Terrorism, gangsterism, hatred, resentment, partitioning along tribal, religious, political and racial divides will not make prayers to be answered. All cases of deliverance may not be necessary if only we drain hatred out of our hearts. I pray that the Holy spirit will fill us again with the love of God in Jesus' name. Ungodliness manifesting as homosexuality, lesbianism, sodomy and all sorts are crises of emotion. God is not in all of these. Love is not there either but perversion and demonic excesses. Let us bring God closer to our hearts and our needs will be met in Jesus' name.

The only victory over the enemy is victory obtained through love. If the world is to be run on the basis of an eye for an eye, the world will be full of blind people. Leave God alone to judge your enemies but continue to do good to all. Don't deal with people the way they are, deal with them the way you are! George Washington says "let no man drag you so low as to hate him". This is important. Forgive every hurts and pains you are carrying around. Go back to that relationship that you hatefully resented. Eschew bitterness and divorce. "If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men"( Romans 12 vs 18).

Lastly, let brotherly love continue! God does not answer our prayers without considering our love. This is a hard truth. You don't need to pound heavens everyday in aggressive prayers if you can love aggressively!  Forgive freely and fully and your heart's desires will be granted. Disarm your enemies by the force of your love. Don't enslave anyone. Don't be a slave owner! Mahatma Gandhi says: " there is no shame in being a slave but there is shame in being a slave owner!". Treat everyone as if you are hosting God and your heavens will be opened in Jesus' name. Also remember this: love in the heart is known by love that is shown to others. "A bell is not a bell if you don't ring it. A song is not a song if you don't sing it" and love is not love if you don't show it!  Shalom!

1. Appreciate God for His mercy and grace towards you.
2. Lord, make my heart an open way not a dead end in Jesus' name.
3. Remove every deposit of darkness over my spirit in Jesus' name.
4. I receive the grace and anointing of a merry heart in Jesus' name.
5. Father, take away evil load in my heart in Jesus' name.
6. Holy Ghost, break every covenant of sorrow made in my name and the name of my family in Jesus' name.
7. I refuse to pay for what I did not buy in Jesus' name.
8. O Lord arise, place me on the path of self-increasing blessings in Jesus' name.
9. Jesus my Father, open your hands unto me perpetually in Jesus' name.
10. Lord, don't allow Satan to take my health and peace as evil collateral in Jesus' name.
11.  Father, open a floodgate of good news into my life in Jesus' name
12. Terminate secret terrors of the enemy around my success in Jesus' name.
13. Empower my star to shine into global success in Jesus' name.
14. O Lord of Host, use my life as a showcase of your unsearchable greatness in Jesus' name.
15. King of glory, instruct the designer of heaven to make for me a garment of unfading glory in Jesus' name
16. Replace every weak angel of my blessing with a stronger one in Jesus' name.
17. Almighty Father, make a larger room of favour for me in Jesus' name.
18. Help me to ride in the Lord's chariot across the world in Jesus' name.
19. Make my life a book of daily testimony in Jesus' name.
20. O Lord, make me a man/ woman  after your own heart in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you Lord for renewing your love towards me in Jesus' name.

God bless you all. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 13:02:2014).




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