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Topic: Open Doors In Diverse Places

Texts: Psalm 16 vs 6. Psalm 78 vs 55; Jer 3 vs 19, Isaiah 54 vs 3, Hosea 14 vs 5-7, Rev 4 vs 1.



The Lord is the portion of my inheritance. I have great riches in all things by the redemptive privilege that I have through Jesus Christ. I cannot be confined to a narrow place because the broad place was made because of me.

God says in His words that my portion shall not be one. I shall break forth to the right side and to the left side; the desolate places shall be inhabited and my children shall possess the Gentiles in Jesus' name.

God has opened many doors in diverse places for me. The door of the heart of the high and mighty in the land is opened for me. The door of great businesses and investments is opened for me. The door of favour of God is opened for me. The door of roof-breaking help is opened for me in Jesus' name.

Isaac waxed great, he grew, he moved forward until he became very great. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I shall wax great, I shall grow, I shall move forward until I become very great in Jesus' name.

God is not limited to any space, He is not a one-option, one-capacity God. He is the Lord of hosts and He is able to offer new grace, new opportunities and positioning all the time for those who trust Him well enough. I trust Him today for multiple breakthroughs, openings, blessings and benefits in Jesus' name.

There are open doors of appointments, promotions, provisions, preservation, celebration, healing and help for me in diverse places. The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places, I have a goodly heritage in Jesus' name. The word of the Lord says that my branches will spread and it shall be fulfilled in my life in Jesus' name.

Satan may accuse me of greed. He may label me overly ambitious owing to my desire for multiple openings. I'm not bothered about Him because my openings are the good pleasure of my God whose thoughts towards me are thoughts of good and not of evil to give me an expected future. I shall manifest greatness in diverse places by the mercies and power of my God in Jesus' name.

1. O Lord of hosts, glory be to your holy name for your goodness and mercy towards me.
2. Father, send your multi-purpose angel of blessings to me in Jesus' name.
3. I receive master key of breakthroughs in all areas of my life in Jesus' name.
4. Let heaven and earth come into a new agreement about my lifting in Jesus' name.
5. King of glory, lift up my head above cloud of dryness and narrowness in Jesus' name.
6. Father, revoke every decree of hard labour and hard life made in my name in Jesus' name.
7.  Destroy evil oaths sworn against my advancement in Jesus' name.
8. Holy Ghost, don't allow my concluded harvest to become complicated crises in Jesus' name.
9. Frustrate evil hours timed against my increase in Jesus' name.
10. Pull me out of waters of affliction and blackmail in Jesus' name.
11. Almighty King, open my eyes into new fields of wealth in Jesus' name.
12. Settle me with maximum reward for minimum efforts in Jesus' name.
13. Fire of God, burn every power postponing my benefits and profits in Jesus' name.
14. I send the fury of God against evil investigators of my success in Jesus' name.
15.  O Lord, plant the tree of my increase on the loamy soil of God in Jesus' name.
16. Appoint trumpeters of heaven to announce my talents to highest valuers in Jesus' name.
17. O Lord, buy me back from my self-imposed slavery in Jesus' name.
18. Destroy the yoke of procrastination in my life in Jesus' name.
19. Father of mercy, fumigate the environment of my life against locusts and vampires in Jesus' name.
20. Refresh my life with new favours and bounties in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you Lord for comforting me and increasing me on every side in Jesus' name.

Pls, pray and share. Pastor Dele Oyewale( February 17, 2014).


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