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My Water Must Change To Wine!

Topic:  My Water Must Change To Wine!


Texts : John 2 vs 2-10, Joel 3 vs 18.

Prayer Targets:

 Those seeking a new level of sweetness,  power and achievements and those asking God to terminate a life of average and ordinariness.


 I receive grace to fill my waterpots with water and Jesus will surely change my water to wine in His mighty name. Amen



1. My God can do all things/ O Yes/ He can do all things/ O Yes!

2 . Today, Today/2ce/ Jesus will answer me/ Today, Today!

3. Power Must Change Hands/ 3ce/ In Jesus' name/ Power Must Change hands
     In Jesus' name/ Power Must Change hands!

1.  Powerful,  miracle- working God,  glory to you in Jesus' name.
2. Lord,  command your sweetness into every area of my life in Jesus' name.
3.  Anointing for new levels of increase and success, fall upon me in Jesus' name.
4.  Holy Ghost arise, raise intercessors for me to connect me to your multiple wonders in Jesus' name.
5. My land, hear the word of God, begin to yield fruits of increase unto me in all ways in Jesus' name.
6. By the word of the Lord, I shall be satisfied in drought in the name of Jesus.
7.  Father,  compel the mountains to deliver new  wine to me and hills to offer me milk  in Jesus' name.
8.  O Lord, my King, set me in a large place by your right hand in the name of Jesus.
9.  Every attack of Marah upon my finances, health, work, marriage and ministry,  cease in Jesus' name.
10.  You arrows of back to square one fired at my finances and businesses, backfire in Jesus' name.
11.  Every evil sacrifice offered against my increase, backfire in Jesus' name.
12.  Every power using my image to attack my helpers, receive thunder and die in Jesus' name.
13.  Every evil voice speaking failure, frustration and affliction into my glory, die in Jesus' name.
14.  Holy Ghost, by your unsearchable greatness,  overtake my troublers and promote me suddenly in Jesus' name.
15. Devices of iniquity and errors against my advancement, fail in Jesus' name.
16. Lord of vengeance, arise by your word and show yourself as the Lord to every troubler of The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
17.  Every power scattering the goodness of God in The Throne Apostolic Ministry, die in Jesus' name.
18. Power of global revival, locate The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
19.  By your mercy and grace Lord, remove every Pharaoh troubling  your children in Nigeria in Jesus' name
20. Thank you Lord for taking me to my high places in Jesus' name.
Hallelujah, pls, pray and share. Are you prepared for Rapture? Hurry,  Jesus is  at the door post.  God bless you.  Pastor Dele Oyewale( 2 August, 2018).







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