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War Against Defilement( 2)

Topic:  War Against Defilement( 2)

Texts:  Psalm 51 vs 7-8 & vs 12.  Joel 2 vs 25 & Psalm 119 vs 1. 

Prayer Targets: 

 Brethren seeking restoration of blessings lost to defilement and those who want to stay pure and undefiled  permanently.


I'm serving a God of holiness and integrity.  He is perfect in all His ways and His righteousness is beyond any description.  God is true. His words are true. His ways are true and His laws are perfect.  No unclean thing can appear before Him. His eyes are too pure to behold iniquity. 

God wants me holy and pure.  He wants truths in my inward parts.  He wants uprightness and integrity to preserve me.  He wants me undefiled in the way and wants me to keep His precepts diligently.  I agree with His desires for me and I will guide my affairs with discretion in Jesus' name. 

I plead the blood of Jesus upon my heart, soul and body.  Let the cleansing power of the blood come over my thoughts and words and remove every defilement within and around me in Jesus' name. I receive grace to move away from contamination and pollution. I receive grace to move away from whatever and whoever is defiling me in Jesus' name. 

By the mercy of the Lord my wastage will be reversed. My defilement will end and I will obtain restoration  of losses to any form of pollution in Jesus' name. Holy Spirit,  please, bring back your presence into my life. Restore unto me the joy of my salvation. Restore unto me the blessings of your covenant and restore my light and fire in Jesus' name. 

I received a hundred fold restoration of all my losses by the mercy of the Lord. God will uphold me from where I have fallen and lift me up from where I'm bowed down in Jesus' name.  He will return me to my estate and increase my greatness. The glory of holiness will be restored in my life and my light will shine again in Jesus' mighty name. Amen. 




Please, sing joyfully unto the Lord and plead the blood of Jesus upon every aspect of your life. 

1.  Holy and upright Father,  glory to you in Jesus' name. 
2. Lord,  revive your spirit and good works in my life in Jesus' name. 
3.  My broken bones, receive repairs and revival in Jesus' name. 
4.  My heart, hear the word of God, be directed towards God and His righteousness alone  in Jesus' name. 
5. Every arrow weakening my strength and purity, backfire in Jesus' name. 
6. Lord of lords, restore me to my high places  in Jesus' name. 
7.  Power of locusts, caterpillar, palmerworms and cankerworms, fail in Jesus' name. 
8. You office of demons in my life,  be closed down forever in Jesus' name. 
9.  Evil coverings over my eyes and body, receive fire and burn to ashes in Jesus' name. 
10.  Every ungodly blockage in my ears, be removed now in Jesus' name. 
11.  I reject voice and evil summon  of defilement in Jesus' name. 
12.  O Lord arise by your blood  and  remove  my name from the record of defilement in heaven in Jesus' name. 
13. Holy Ghost, restore your crown of pure gold upon my head in Jesus' name. 
14.  Every broken hedge around my life, receive repairs in Jesus' name. 
15.  Lord Jesus, admit me again  into your covenant in Jesus' name. 
16. Mighty God of Elijah, locate giants of defilement in The Throne Apostolic Ministry and slay them in Jesus' name. 
17. Holy Ghost  arise, restore every  glory lost to defilement in The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
18.  Power of global revival, fall upon The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name 
19. Every hand of defilement over Nigeria, wither in Jesus' name. 
20. Thank you Lord for returning me to your glory and light in Jesus' name. 

Glory to God. Pls, pray & share.  Are you prepared for Rapture? Pls, don't delay any longer because Jesus is  at the door post.  God bless you.  Pastor Dele Oyewale( 28 June, 2018).


1.  Holy Spirit,  pure and perfect God, glory to you in Jesus' name. 
2.  Lord, search my body and soul for any defilement and blot it out by the blood of Jesus in Jesus' name. 
3.  Every impurity in my heart, be cleansed by the blood of Jesus in Jesus' name. 
4. Every defiling relationship around my life, be broken by the blood of Jesus in Jesus'  name. 
5.  You demon of defilement assigned to weaken my soul and body, you are a liar, fail in your mission in Jesus' name. 
6.  Every power creating gaps between me and God, die in Jesus' name. 
7.  You Council of hell working to plunge me into defilement, you are wicked, scatter by fire in Jesus' name. 
8.  Holy Ghost,  locate agents of defilement assigned against my dreams and paralyse them by your thunder in Jesus' name. 
9.  Every evil odour around my life, be neutralized by the blood of Jesus in Jesus' name. 
10.  Whatever is offending the Holy Spirit in my life, disappear by fire in Jesus' name. 
11. My body, hear the word of God, become a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God in Jesus' name. 
12.  Every appointments of the devil for my life, fail in Jesus' name. 
13. I reject the works of the flesh, I accept the works of God in Jesus' name. 
14.  My soul, hear the word of the Lord, be disconnected from the socket of defilement in Jesus' name. 
15. I refuse to be taken to the dark places of the earth in Jesus' name. 
16. Every agenda of initiation  to darkness through defilement, fail in Jesus' name. 
17. You defilement arranged to achieve my destruction, backfire in Jesus' name. 
18.  Holy Spirit arise and pass through The Throne Apostolic Ministry, root out agents of defilement and pollution planted in your Church in Jesus' name. 
19. Every power working to destroy the purpose of God in The Throne Apostolic Ministry, you are a failure,  expire in Jesus' name. 
20.  Power of global revival, fall upon  The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
21.  You thrones of iniquity destroying the glory of God in Nigeria, scatter  in Jesus' name. 
22. Thank you Lord for delivering my soul from destruction in Jesus' name. 

Praise God! Pls, pray and share. Are you prepared for Rapture?  Jesus is here already. God bless you more.  Pastor Dele Oyewale( 21 June, 2018). 








Lord, Fill Me With Your  Fullness.


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