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Overcoming The Sea, The Mountains & The Little Hills ( Deliverance From Blockade & Stubborn Barriers).

Topic:  Overcoming The Sea, The Mountains & The Little Hills ( Deliverance From Blockade & Stubborn Barriers).

Text:   Psalm 114 vs 3-8. 
Prayer Targets: Everyone tired of stagnation and desperate to move forward. 
 The Lord that parted the Red Sea and River Jordan and turned the mountains and hills into a plain is my God. He will appear again and make a way for me in Jesus' name. Amen. 
Psalm 114 stands as one of the most dramatic and instructive books of the Bible. It is about the  over-powering might of God over all His works. God is greater than all His works and far stronger than the combined might of all that He made. The Psalm describes the power and presence of God in the deliverance of Israel. Exodus 14 vs 21-31 detail the parting of the Red Sea for the people of Israel  and the submerging of the forces of Pharaoh in the same sea.  Psalm 114 vs 3-8, however, captures not only the impotence of the sea in the face of the presence of God, it also captures the feebleness of mountains and little hills in the face of the power of God. 
What do the sea, mountains and little hills represent? 
The sea, mountains and little hills represent various degrees of difficulties, blockade  and threats in the way of success. Sea is massive, deep and wide. It cannot be bridged, dammed or blocked to allow for an easy passage. In the realm of the spirit and even in the physical, it symbolizes a terribly intractable obstacle. Your "sea" may mean a health challenge, the type they called "terminal or incurable" sickness. It may mean heavy indebtedness, a criminal matter in court or any strong difficulty that only God can move. Sea may also mean a network of opposition, hostility and attacks that only God can break. Psalm 114 vs 3 handles such situation because the Bible says, " The sea saw it and fled; Jordan turned back".  Every sea standing in your way will fly and turn back in Jesus' name. 
Mountains are boulders against blessings. They are not as wide as the sea and may not be massive and deep but they are formidable threats. They are spiritual walls. Issues of stress and distress in marriages, careers, ministries, and finances are mountains.  In many nations of the world today, matters of economic recession are mountains. Life- threatening situations like terrorist activities are "sea" and "mountains" that only God can crack. God recognizes the fact that mountains are strong resistance against blessings and this is why the Lord says in Zechariah 4 vs 7: "Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel, thou shall become a plain....". Every mountain standing in your way will become a plain in Jesus' name. The mountain will "skip like rams" out of your way in Jesus' name. 
Little hills are everyday troubles of envy, evil devices, plots, betrayal, conspiracy, unfaithfulness, mischief and all such things. Issues of dream pollution and manipulation are little hills that must come down.  Every little hill, left un-challenged will become a mountain. A foothold can become a stronghold if it is not dealt with. So, what are the little hills around you? The Bible says in Psalm 114 vs 4 that the little hills, when confronted with the power of God, skip like lambs! Yes, they must take to their heels. This is what the power of God alone can do.  Every issue of dissatisfaction with your job, friends, neighbors, colleagues, brethren and other inter- personal relationship issues will disappear from your way in Jesus' name. The little hills will give way and you will become unstoppable in Jesus' mighty name. 
Beloved, the world is complex. There is no sleeping dog in the realm of the spirit: every dog is awake and it is either you tame or kill it or you get killed. I pray for you: you will not be killed by dogs in Jesus' name. All around us are serious threats and barriers. Promises of God for greatness, healing, promotion, riches and goodness are being delayed for too long. Why? The sea, mountains and little hills are on the way and they must give way in the mighty name of Jesus. Why are you still single? Why are you still childless? Why are you still un- employed? Why is the healing not coming? Why is your marriage a battle ground? Why is your ministry not growing? They are your questions but the answer will come from God. Everything that represents the sea, mountains and little hills must give way. The time of victory is now in Jesus' name. Amen. Shalom. 
 1. Every knee must bow/ Every tongue confess/ That Jesus Christ is the Lord!/ Hallelujah/ Jesus is the Lord/3ce/ Jesus Christ is the Lord! 
2. The wall of Jericho fell down flat/ 2ce/ When the people of God are praising the Lord/ The wall of Jericho fell down flat! 
1. Jericho- destroying,  sea- parting God, glory to your name in Jesus' name. 
2. Father,  appear unto the sea standing against my new song and make it fly away in Jesus' name. 
3. Every mountain boasting against my blessings,  collide with the power of God and melt in Jesus' name. 
4. You little hills around my life,  hear the word of the Lord, see God and run away like rams in Jesus' name.
5. You power of God that turns a rock into a standing water, turn every rock on my way into a standing water in Jesus' name. 
6.  Prison of wilderness holding my manifestation, release it unto me in Jesus' name. 
7.   My name in the book of troubles, disappear by fire in the name of Jesus. 
8.  Every power of frustration and victimization in my ( marriage, business, ministry, career, finances, health, relationships) break in Jesus' name. 
9. I break away from the spirit of bondage and blockade in Jesus' name. 
10. By my God, I run through the troop, by my God, I leap over the wall in Jesus' name. 
11. Every great king and famous king blocking my way to Canaanland, receive the terror of God and die in Jesus' name. 
12.  Holy Ghost, appear in my health situation and grant me your own reports in Jesus' name. 
13.  Every attack of cobwebs against my help and favours, cease in Jesus' name. 
14.  Father,  give me just one testimony that will turn my contenders to become my defenders in Jesus' name. 
15. Power of the grave and grave- diggers, suffer your own evils in Jesus' name. 
16.  By the word of the Lord, Pharaoh, his captains and their chariots must drown in the Red Sea in Jesus' name. 
17. Ancestral sea of my father's house, hear the voice of God: fly away in Jesus' name.
18. Every promotion seat waiting for an occupant, I occupy you now in Jesus' name. 
19. Lord Jesus, turn the sacrifices and seed of the wicked ones as an abomination before you in Jesus' name. 
20.  Every network of hostility against my spread, break in Jesus' name. 
21. My dreams, hear the word of the Lord, reject pollution, contamination and bewitchment in Jesus' name. 
22. I challenge every demon assigned against my dreamland with the blood of Jesus in Jesus' name. 
23.  I reject satanic summon to the horrible pit and dunghill in Jesus' name. 
24.  My money, hear the word of the Lord, reject embargo of darkness in Jesus' name. 
25. Every power invoking decrease, lack and hardship upon money in my name, suffer your own evils in Jesus' name. 
26. Evil bankers hoarding my money against my will, fail in Jesus' name. 
27. Every voice of mortuary and cemetery over my soul, die in Jesus' name. 
28.  Every serpent and dragon swallowing my riches, vomit them now in Jesus' name. 
29. My glory in the belly of crocodile, jump out and locate me in Jesus' name. 
30. Every demon tracing my smell to afflict me, collide with the fire of God and fail in Jesus' name. 
31.  Every money I have lent or given to evil traders, jump out now and come back to me in Jesus' name. 
32. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Arise now and trouble the troublers of The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
33. Holy Ghost arise, uproot whatever you did not plant in The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
34. Power of global revival, locate The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
35. Thank you Lord for clearing the sea, mountains and little hills out of my way in Jesus' name. 
Hallelujah! Pls pray violently in the night and share widely. Are you prepared for raptures? Jesus is ready now! God bless you more. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 15 June, 2017).




Lord, Fill Me With Your  Fullness.

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