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I Will Not Be Unfortunate In Jesus' Name.

Topic:  I Will Not Be Unfortunate In Jesus' Name.

Text: 2 Samuel 11 vs 14-17. 

Prayer Targets: 

Christians wishing to escape life on the underside and also asking God to save them from misfortune, accidents, errors and vicissitudes of life. 


The mercy of the Lord endures forever and He will separate me from all hazards of life and evil tidings . Contrary winds of life will not blow in my direction in Jesus' name. Amen. 


King David displeased God in some of his actions. In one of such actions, he committed adultery with Bathsheba,  wife of Uriah the Hittite( 2 Samuel 11 vs 1-27) and went ahead to arrange for the death of Uriah in the battle field and succeeded in killing him. In 2 Samuel 11 vs 14-17, the Bible says that: "And it came to pass in the morning, that David wrote a letter to Joab, and sent it by the hand of Uriah. And he wrote in the letter, saying, Set ye Uriah in the forefront of the hottest battle, and retire ye from him, that he may be smitten, and die. And it came to pass, when Joab observed the city, that he assigned Uriah unto a place where he knew that valiant men were. And the men of the city went out, and fought with Joab: and there fell some of the people of the servants of David; and Uriah the Hittite died also." This was a wicked action by King David and  Uriah was unfortunate to be the victim of this wickedness. 

What does it mean to be unfortunate? It means: 1. Being a victim of a wicked scheme by others. 2. Being at the wrong place at the wrong time. 3. Being a victim of an accident, an attack,  a misfired arrow, straw bullet or accidental discharge, ritual killings, ambush, kidnap or abduction, rape and others.  4. Working for God for a while and abandoning the work. 5. Working without anything to show for it. 6. Suffering rejection and hatred for no personal fault. 7. Taking wrong medications prescribed by a manipulated health worker. 8. Taking  wrong decisions about others owing to manipulation. 9. Suffering for the errors of others. 10. Being a victim of natural disasters like fire, flood, earthquake, etc. In short, being unfortunate means suffering any evil of life without any fault or error committed. It is a hard lot, a very bitter reality of life. Uriah died because the King wanted his wife. If the King had asked him for his wife, he would probably had offered him without a fight. 

Is God responsible for people being unfortunate? Certainly not! Satan and his agents are behind it all. Most unfortunate things happen to people owing to satanic manipulation, errors of others, wrong judgement and in some cases, deliberate attacks by wicked powers( robbery,  assassination, wrongful detention and imprisonment among others).  Although, God is aware of all these and is always taking vengeance on those who make others to be unfortunate, it is better to pray not to be a victim of any evil. Some of the precautions that can be taken against such evil are: 1. Prayers. 2. Praises. 3. Vigilance.  4. Giving( tithe and offering specifically).   5. Constant fellowship with God. 6. Dream tracking ( paying attention to your dreams and praying against any evil revealed in the dream). 7. Daily study of the word of God. 8. Avoid works of the flesh like anger especially.  

In conclusion, this end time requires that Christians  put on the whole armour of God. Don't  be careless at all about spiritual things. Don't  allow your life to be messed up by any character deficiency because satan is always seeking to nail people at their points of weaknesses. Don't relent in serving God in whatever way you can do it. Pay your tithe. I repeat: pay all your tithe! Misfortunes most times are devourers sent into the lives of disobedient Christians,  owing to non- tithing and irregular tithing. May the Lord not withdraw His mercies from us in Jesus' name.  Amen. Shalom. 



I have seen the Lord's goodness/ His mercy and compassion/ I have seen the Lord's goodness/ Halleluyah, Praise the Lord!/ O Lord you have been so good/ You are so good to me/ O Lord you are excellent/ In my life everyday/ O Lord you have been so good/ You are so good to me/ O Lord you are excellent in my life! 

1. Lord, I celebrate your mercy and goodness in my life in Jesus' name. 
2. Thank you Lord for your banner over me and my home in Jesus' name. 
3. I bless you Lord for not dealing with me after my sins in Jesus' name. 
4. Glory to your name for opening new doors to replace closed ones in Jesus' name. 
5. I bless your wonders of wisdom that no power can understand in Jesus' name. 
6. Father, shield my life against arrows, snares, accidents, dangers, death and destruction in Jesus' name. 
7. Blood of Jesus, cover me and my home at all times and in all places in Jesus' name. 
8. Every altar of misfortune raised in my name, crash in Jesus' name. 
9. Powers suggesting rejection of God's work and servants to me, fail in Jesus' name. 
10. Every mark of ill luck, battle, hatred and failure in my life, be removed by the blood of Jesus in Jesus' name. 
11. Every power linking me with wrong people, wrong desires,  wrong decisions and wrong locations, die in Jesus' name. 
12. Powers assigned against my spiritual shelter,  fail in Jesus' name. 
13. Holy Ghost, open my eyes to see covered pits, wicked schemes, programmed failure and wrong counsel around me in Jesus' name. 
14. Every arrow of sudden affliction fired at me, backfire in Jesus' name. 
15. Every witchcraft  injections assigned to cause death and languishing in my life, fail in Jesus' name. 
16. I will not withhold my gold from God and His work in Jesus' name. 
17. Powers working to plunge me into troubles, destroy yourselves in Jesus' name. 
18. Lord, by your mercy, resolve  every disagreement between me and my angels of preservation in Jesus' name. 
19. I will not break the hedge of God around me in Jesus' name. 
20. I refuse to weep or sorrow over anything in my home, work, business and ministry  in Jesus' name. 
21. Where is the Lord God Of Elijah, arise now and trouble the troublers of The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
22. Holy Ghost  arise  and uproot whatever you did not plant in The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
23. Power of global revival, fall upon The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
24. Lord of hosts, disband evil hosts and hostesses assigned to trouble your church in Jesus' name. 
25. Thank you Lord for  surrounding me with your angels in Jesus' name. 

Glory to God.  Pls, pray and share widely. Are you prepared for rapture? Jesus is ready now! God bless you more. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 30 March, 2017).





Lord, Fill Me With Your  Fullness.

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