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I Will Fly On The Wings Of Your Wonders!

Topic:  I Will Fly On The Wings Of Your Wonders!

Text:  Job 9 vs 10.

Prayer Targets:

Grateful and appreciative worshippers. Those wishing to bless God with the fruits of their reflections and those seeking new blessings through praises.


I'm the image of God. I'm the reflection of His power, purpose and presence and the manifestation  of His wonders in their diversity and multiplicity. I'm a mobile showcase of His beauty and my blessings are spreading to all ends of the world in Jesus' name.  Amen.


Everything I see around me
Is a wonder of God.
The sound that comes
From my throat;
The light that comes
From  my eyes
The hair that grows
On my head
The smile that brightens
My face
And the teeth that breaks
My food
Are wonders I cannot explain.

Where comes light for
The new day
Even before the sun rises?
Where goes light
In the same day
When the sun sleeps?
Where comes sleep
Without notice
Without a bell?
Where goes sleep
Without a noise
Without a voice?

Everything I see around me
Is a wonder of God!
Where comes water
Flowing on bare earth
That we call a river?
Where comes
The craggy hill
And the towering mountain?
I cannot see the air
I breathe
Nor touch the wind
That blows around!

I walk upon  the earth
And the earth
Does not complain of pains
I fly over the earth
And the arms of the wind
Directing my flight
Never shakes or breaks.
The little bird flies around
Without a radar
Without a weather report!

Everything I see around me
Is  a wonder of God:
The same sun that rises
Hardens clay
But melts wax.
Miracles around me
Are awesome
To provoke praises wholesome!


Bless the Lord with the fruits of your praiseful lips. Make satan sad by plunging into new, deep and sweet worship of the Lord.

1. Wonder-working, blessing- spreading Father, glory to your name in Jesus' name.
2. I bless you Holy Ghost for the breath of your beauty upon me and the breadth of your steadfast love towards me in Jesus' name.
3. Lord, accept my praises for your  greatness everywhere, every time and everyday in Jesus' name.
4. Father, be glorified for being a capable, available, approachable and attainable God in Jesus' name.
5. Thank you for your attention to me and your affection for me in Jesus' name.
6. I celebrate your light which no darkness can withhold or withstand in Jesus' name.
7. Holy Ghost,  take all the honour and majesty for being the eyes that see into darkness and the ears that hear the pulse of the wind in Jesus' name.
8. I bless the Lord for being a refuge from the storm and shade from the heat in Jesus' name.
9. Mighty king,  thank you for your palaces that cannot be invaded by dogs, bulls and their keeper in Jesus' name.
10. I celebrate the authority of the Lord that is final and total in Jesus' name.
11. Holy Ghost: destroy  every evil emergency assigned against my safety and peace in Jesus' name.
12. Every power oppressing my peace, die in Jesus' name.
13. Every power appointing troubles for me, die in Jesus' name.
14, Every power querying God for His favours and grace in my life, die in Jesus' name.
15. Every power struggling to make me disobey God, die in Jesus' name.
16. Every power sending my glory on evil errands, die in Jesus' name.
17. Every power punishing my hopes, die in Jesus' name.
18. Every power summoning satanic town hall meeting in order to stop my success, die in Jesus' name.
19. Every evil fog  covering my goodness and sweetness, receive fire and melt away in Jesus' name.
20. Every new strategy  of trouble designed to frustrate my blessings, fail in Jesus' name.
21. My breasts will not dry up in Jesus' name.
22. My feet will take me to the palace  in Jesus' name.
23. I refuse to plunge my glory into the gutter and rubbish heap in Jesus' name.
24. Witchcraft curses sent to me as prayers: fail in Jesus' name.
25. Tongues of deceit seeking to cast me down into the pit, dry up by fire in Jesus' name.
26. Where is the Lord God Of Elijah, arise now and trouble the troublers of The  Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
27. Holy Ghost arise and uproot  whatever you did not plant in The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
28. Power of global revival, fall upon The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
29. Holy Ghost, bring forth eruption of praises of God all over the world in Jesus' name.
30. Thank you Lord for your wide arms around my life in Jesus' name.

Glory to God! Pls, pray joyously and share widely. Are you prepared for rapture? Jesus is ready now! God bless you more. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 16 February, 2017).






Lord, Fill Me With Your  Fullness.

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