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God Is Greater Than All His Works!.

Topic: God Is Greater Than All His Works!.



Texts: Psalm 111 vs 2-4.

Prayer Targets:

Ardent worshippers. Those seeking to praise God for all His wonderful works in their lives and who desire to be moved forward by His mercies.


All the works of God are honorable and glorious. I bless the Lord who made me and ranked me among His works that are glorious and honourable in Jesus' name. Amen


The heavens are bold signature
Of your awesome nature
Created without a template
They stand above time and date.
But you' re greater than heavens
Your strides are higher than their peaks.

The waters of the seas spread like
Over-sized banners
They cross curves, they break barriers-
Their billowing waves roll
Like dances of wild wind.
But you re greater than the seas
Your mind
Greater than gulfs
Deeper than depths.

Soldiers embrace wars, their flaming swords
Breaking bones and bunkers
Speak strife bigger than words.
But the hosts of God are not mortals:
A single host is enough
To bend and break the nations!

God is greater than His works
He is far lifted above His works
Can the pot be bigger than the potter
Or the bushel stronger
Than its weaver?
God is greater than His works
He is far lifted above all His works.


1. Immortal, un- searchable God: blessed be your holy name in Jesus' name.
2. I bless your name for the splendor of heavens and the enchanting beauty of paradise in Jesus' name.
3. I celebrate you Lord for the excellence of your name and the wonders of your works in Jesus' name.
4. I rejoice at the thought of your creativity and the amazing depths of your thoughts in Jesus' name.
5. Glorious God: take all the glory for your words that are spirit and life unto me in Jesus' name.
6. Lord of lords: none of your work can replace or displace you in any way in Jesus' name.
7. Father, your throne is not open for election and your authority is not open for debate in Jesus' name.
8. Holy Spirit, I bow before your overpowering counsel which no power can change in Jesus' name.
9. Thank you Lord for the movement of years; months and days in amazing progression in Jesus' name.
10. I glorify your name for all the wonders of your work and their entire sum which cannot measure up to your worth in Jesus' name.
11. Father, move me above the heights of heaven and beautify me more than the stars in Jesus' name.
12. Mighty King, multiply my means more than the sands of the earth and the waters of the sea in Jesus' name.
13. Let my ways be un- searchable like the paths of the wind over the earth in Jesus' name.
14. Holy Spirit, make me your worshipper like the waves of the sea that praise you all the time by their surging movements in Jesus' name.
15. Father, empower me like your hosts that cannot be defeated in any war in Jesus' name.
16. Merciful God, justify me by your word and enlarge my mouth over my detractors in Jesus' name.
17. King of glory: feed me with the food of your glory all the year round in Jesus' name.
18. By your grace Lord, heal my backsliding and make awake my spirit man to light and love in Jesus' name.
19. I receive the grace of the Lord to hate wickedness and all its works in Jesus' name.
20. Holy Ghost, I report my evil reporters and slanderers to you and I ask that you stop their mouths by your word in Jesus' name.
21. My Saviour: uphold me with the right hand of your righteousness in Jesus' name.
22. Lord Jesus, stretch forth your right hand against the wrath of my enemies and let your right hand save me in Jesus' name.
23. Evil hands joined together against my glory: receive the terror of God and break in Jesus' name.
24. Lord, break the harmony of darkness and the unity of dogs against my lifting in Jesus' name.
25. I withdraw my agreement and blessings from the tents of wickedness in Jesus' name.
26. Evil trees on the way of my testimonies, receive the wind of God and come down in Jesus' name.
27. I command the wind, in the name of Jesus, to bring glad tidings to me from all ends of the world in Jesus' name.
28. Officers of the coven supervising evil works against me, receive fire of vengeance and burn in Jesus' name.
29. Bread of tears on the table of affliction: I'm not your candidate in Jesus' name.
30. Angels of open doors: arrange and achieve promotion for me in diverse places in Jesus' name.
31. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Arise now and trouble all the troublers of The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
32. Holy Ghost arise, uproot whatever you did not plant in The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
33. Power of global revival: fall upon The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
34. Lord Jesus: remove stain, spot and wrinkle or any such thing from the garment of your Church in Jesus' name.
35. Thanks so much for making me your work that is glorious and honorable in Jesus' name.

Hallelujah! Pls, pray & share. Are you prepared for rapture? Jesus is very close. Stay blessed. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 3 November, 2016).



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