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( Deliverance From Repeated Failure & Near- Success Syndrome).



Texts: Hosea 9 vs 14 & 2 Peter 1 vs 3.

Prayer Targets: Brethren seeking fresh testimonies and new opportunities for advancement in all areas of their lives.


In the name of the Lord, all the gates of new testimonies and glorious opportunities will open for me in their own accord in Jesus' name. Amen.

Worship The Lord!


1. Holy Father, come down and take all my praise for your excellent name in Jesus' name.
2. You gate-keeper of the womb from heavenly places, open the womb of my destiny in Jesus' name.
3. Holy Ghost, with the key of David, open the womb of new favours and help for me in Jesus' name.
4. Womb of undeniable miracles and testimonies: open by fire in Jesus' name.
5. Womb of achievements beyond my age and competence, open by fire in Jesus' name.
6. Womb of good success in diverse places, open by fire in Jesus' name.
7. Womb of opportunities that swallow difficulties, open by fire in Jesus' name.
8. Womb of plenty in the season of famine, open by fire in Jesus' name.
9. Power that opens womb of grace and mercy, fall upon me now in Jesus' name.
10. My womb( place your hand on your womb) receive fire of deliverance in the name of Jesus.
11. Voice of darkness upon my womb, cease in Jesus' name.
12. Hand of darkness upon my womb, wither by fire in Jesus' name.
13. Foundational coven fighting my womb: scatter by fire in Jesus' name.
14. Wicked elders troubling my womb: receive Holy Ghost bomb and surrender in Jesus' name.
15. Curse of failure upon my womb, receive blood of Jesus and fail in Jesus' name.
16. Blessings of the breasts and womb: locate me in Jesus' name.
17. I bind every demon of miscarriage fighting my womb in Jesus' name.
18. Witchcraft dresses and gifts shutting my womb: fail in Jesus' name.
19. Power of dryness upon my breasts: die in Jesus' name.
20. Lord Jesus: command your light into my womb in Jesus' name.
21. I receive power to draw water from the wells of salvation in Jesus' name.
22. I receive power to pluck new fruits from the tree of success in Jesus' name.
23. I crush lions, dragon, young lion and adder attacking my success in Jesus' name.
24. I break away from chains and cage of failure in Jesus' name.
25. My age( place your hand upon your head) come out of the cage in Jesus' name.
26. In one agreement( Join your hands together), we bring down wicked imaginations against The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
27. You that troubles the Israel of The Throne Apostolic Ministry, the Lord of Elijah troubles you today in Jesus' name.
28. Concluded wickedness against the work and servant of God upon The Throne Apostolic Ministry, scatter by fire in Jesus' name.
29. Powers opening the womb of war in Nigeria: die in Jesus' name.
30. Lord Jesus, thank you for planting new fruits in my womb today in your mighty name!

Hallelujah! Pls, pray & share. Are you prepared for rapture? The Lord is at the door post. Happy new month & God bless you more. Pastor Dele Oyewale( September 1, 2016).



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