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Victory Over Concluded Wickedness.

Topic: Victory Over Concluded Wickedness.

Text: Acts 23 vs 21 & Psalm 124 vs 6-8.

Prayer Targets:

Brethren seeking divine intervention against plots of the enemy and those seeking escape from traps, snares and deadly ambush.


Those seeking my soul to destroy it shall go into the lower parts of the earth. They will fall by the sword and be a portion for jackals in Jesus' name.


Apostle Paul was endangered all through his missionary journeys on earth.  Owing to his pungent, diligent and positional preaching of the gospel, he was always a subject of attack and cruel plots of the enemy. In Acts 23 vs 21, the Bible recorded that more than  forty men swore to an oath among themselves that they will not eat or drink anything until they kill Apostle Paul! "But do not thou yield unto them: for there lie in wait for him of them more than forty men, which have bound themselves with an oath, that they will neither eat nor drink till they have killed him, and now are they ready, looking for a promise from thee"( Acts 23:21).

Isn't it strange that people can go on dry fasting just to ensure that they kill an innocent man? This is an example of concluded wickedness. The brothers of Joseph concluded among themselves that they will never allow his dreams to come to pass. Can you imagine that? That is another example of concluded wickedness. Hamman prepared a gallow in his house on which he planned to hang Mordecai: what wickedness can be more heinous than this? Or should we talk about the accounts of the betrayal, trial and crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ? All these are instances of concluded wickedness.

What are the triggers of concluded wickedness? What are those realities that may provoke the enemy to plan wickedness against anyone?  1. Uncommon healing 2. Uncommon testimony of promotion, prosperity and favours. 3. Uncommon success where others have failed. 4. Uncommon gifts of God in prayers, deliverance, revelation and others. 5. Uncommon wisdom and understanding. 6. Uncommon beauty and wide acceptance by the opposite sex. 7. Any outstanding blessing and benefit not available to others. Everyone that suffered concluded wickedness in the Bible: Abel; Joseph; David; Daniel,   Shadrack; Meshack & Abegnego; Stephen; Jesus Christ were successful people that little men plotted against.

How can you detect predisposing factors of concluded wickedness around you? 1. Undue envy by friends, siblings and colleagues. 2. Unprovoked attacks against you caused by bitterness and bad blood. 3. Evil speaking and pure lies against you. 4. Betrayal and disappointment by trusted ones. 5. Rivalry and bitter competition with you. 6. Ingratitude and lack of appreciation of favours done to others. 7.  Rejection and feeling of loneliness. 8. Leakages of your secrets to others. 8. Whatever the enemy feels will hurt and humble you.

Strangely, concluded wickedness is always coming from those close to us. Siblings, colleagues, business associates, house helps, marriage partners, parents; brethren in churches( some Pastors inclusive); neighbours, bosses in offices and domestic aides like drivers, gateman and others. Everyone that is progressing is at the risk of this evil. Satan is behind it and anyone that does not have the spirit of Christ can be used by satan to achieve his aim.

Is there a way out of this spiritual risk? Yes, there is! Jesus is the way! Concluded wickedness is real but more real is the concluded victory that came through our Lord Jesus Christ. With Christ in your life, the enemy may include you but he cannot conclude you; he may bully you, he cannot bury you; he may boast against you, he can never roast you! Hallelujah! But are you born again? If you are; rejoice and seek to grow daily in obedience and in the  grace and knowledge of God and if you are not, run quickly to Jesus- confess Him as your savior, ask Him to forgive you your sins and write your name in the book of life. All these done, the enemy will just be a helpless chicken trying to eat sweet nuts already bottled and corked! God bless you!


1. Lord of all grace and knowledge, glory to your name in Jesus' name.
2. Father, make haste to deliver me from evil appointments in Jesus' name.
3. Evil deadline against my enlargement, break in Jesus' name.
4. Power of wicked elders over my glory, break in Jesus' name.
5. Conclusions of death and destruction against me, backfire in Jesus' name.
6. Powers speaking to the earth against my next level, receive instant judgment in Jesus' name.
7. Familiar friends afflicting me with unfamiliar troubles, take back your troubles in Jesus' name.
8. Brothers of Joseph in my father's house, scatter in Jesus' name.
9. Evil limits against my rising, break in Jesus' name.
10. Satanic master speaking against my spread, receive angelic removal in Jesus' name.
11. Evil authority attacking my glory, receive instant judgment in Jesus' name.
12. Father, make me wiser than my contenders in Jesus' name.
13. Lord Jesus, arrange fatal errors for my evil competitors in Jesus' name.
14. Powers cursing me in their hearts, die in Jesus' name.
15. Let my glory appear like the new day that cannot be stopped in Jesus' name.
16. Let my success continue like the flowing river that cannot be reversed in Jesus' name.
17. Let my testimony endure like the counsel of God that cannot be stopped in Jesus' name.
18. Holy Ghost, rebuke the prince of Persia detaining my blessings in Jesus' name.
19. Queen of heaven fighting my virtues, receive disgrace in Jesus' name.
20. Powers of stagnation, relegation and retardation, fail in Jesus' name.
21. Witchcraft curses of borrowing and begging, break by the blood of Jesus in Jesus' name.
22. My next favour: come forth in Jesus' name.
23. My next celebrations: come forth in Jesus' name.
24. Powers weakening my helpers, die in Jesus' name.
25. Holy Ghost arise and lift up my helpers to greater dominion in Jesus' name.
26. Contrary voices fighting my helpers, die suddenly in Jesus' name.
27. Evil forces driving my destiny like a donkey,  receive fire and roast in Jesus' name.
28. Powers fighting my glory with envy and wild jealousy, die without recovery in Jesus' name.
29. My heavens will not be closed and my ways will not blocked in Jesus' name.
30. Lord Jesus, command Hamman to hang in his own gallows in Jesus' name.
31. Witchcraft containers holding my blessings: break in Jesus' name.
32. O Lord arise now and sponsor my journey to a haven of good pleasure in Jesus' name.
33. Witchcraft hands over my eyes, wither by fire in Jesus' name.
34. Judge of the whole earth and heaven, discharge and acquit me from the court of darkness in Jesus' name.
35. Power of Judas and Jezebel in my ministry, break in Jesus' name.
36. My diverted blessings, hear the word of the living God, jump out and return to me now in Jesus' name.
37. Powers trading with my glory, sink into hell in Jesus' name.
38. Lord Jesus, appoint untiring pillars for your work in the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name.
39. Powers fighting helpers of the  Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project, die in Jesus' name.
40. Thank you Lord for terminating the wickedness of the wicked around my life in Jesus' name.

Hallelujah! This season is sweet indeed. May the power of resurrection bring back our lost blessings in Jesus' name. Pls, pray & share. Happy Easter celebrations! Pastor Dele Oyewale( March 24, 2016).

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