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I Shall Cross Over, I Shall Take Over In Jesus' Name!

Topic: I Shall Cross Over,  I Shall Take Over In Jesus' Name!

Psalm 18 vs 29.

God has anointed me to run through the troop of 2015 and has made me to leap over walls of darkness into 2016.  His power is never weakened. His spirit can never fail and His words that He has spoken concerning me will surely come to pass in Jesus' name. My feet are like the hind's feet and I shall occupy my high places by the mercy of the Lord in Jesus' name. I have the might of my maker and the mountain boasting against my way shall be broken into pieces in Jesus' name.

The Lord is my pilot : I shall not be stranded. He makes me to sit comfortably in First Class cabin: He appoints pleasant hosts and hostesses to care for me. He honours me with pleasure: He flies me above valleys and hills for His name's sake. Though my route is lined with turbulence and wild weather: I shall fear no evil: for the Lord is with me: His voice and right hand shall strengthen me. The Lord plays cool music for me in defiance of the turbulence: He appoints His angels for me to massage and minister to me. Surely, safety and success shall follow me in all the direction of my life and I shall dwell in His pavilion all the days of my life forever.

I'm on the threshold of a new year: I have crossed over the old year to take over in the new year.  The pains of the old year are gone. The delay of the old year, together with its attendant pangs, are now gone.  I shake off barrenness; affliction; attacks, blockage; indebtedness; opposition; accident and discouragement and take up fruitfulness, promotion, victory, prosperity and preservation in the new year in Jesus' name.

The new year is my year of divine expression: God will express Himself fully in my life. He will express Himself in my marriage; ministry; career; finances; health and journeys all through the year. The Lord will open my way unto fulfillment and supervise the manifestation of His will in all areas of my life in Jesus' name. The new year is my year of large harvest. It is my year of total possessions and my year of distinction in Jesus' name.  The failure of the old year is gone with the old year: God will appoint new success for me in the new year in Jesus' name.

As I cross over into the new year; I receive grace to take over thrones; dominion and authorities. I take over the inheritance of Gentiles and preside over the wealth of nations in Jesus' name. I receive favours from all ends of the world and exercise supremacy over contrary powers and forces in Jesus' name. In the new year, my name shall ring louder in the league of winners and command attention of kings and rulers in Jesus' name. Sons of strangers shall build my walls and the treasures of darkness shall serve me in Jesus' name. The new year is my year of fullness of wellness and the year of sufficiency of fullness in Jesus' name.

I send the name of Jesus into my way in the new year. I pour the blood of Jesus into my way. I despatch angels of new results to deliver testimonies unto me in the new year.  The spirit of the Lord will lift a standard against forces of opposition, manipulation and intimidation in Jesus' name. God will answer wicked powers boasting against my way with terror and maximum violence in Jesus' name.  There shall be no rest for authors of un-rest in the new year. There shall be no prosperity for wicked robbers marketing around my life in Jesus' name. God will fulfill His vengeance against satanic workers appearing in the house of God and the new year will take me to my Canaanland in Jesus' mighty name. Amen. Shalom.


1. Faithful father of all ages and seasons: glory to your name in Jesus' name.
2. Thank you Lord for strength and stability all through the year in Jesus' name.
3. Thank you Lord for your presence, power and purpose in Jesus' name.
4. Thank you Lord for revelation and victory of your light in Jesus' name.
5. Thank you Lord for the might of your counsel and the potency of your words in Jesus' name.
6. Thank you Lord for your right hand, your arm and the light of your countenance in Jesus' name.
7. Thank you Lord for your kind attention to all issues of my life in Jesus' name.
8. I command the new year to open its arms and embrace me for favours and help in Jesus' name.
9. I command the new year to accept the  power of the Fountain of Living Water upon me in Jesus' name.
10. I decree and declare the glory of the greater light upon my ways in the new year in Jesus' name.
11. Power of new mercy of the Lord: rest upon me in Jesus' name.
12. Power of exceeding grace: locate me in Jesus' name.
13. Power of large harvest: work in all areas of my life in Jesus' name.
14. Contrary wind will not blow in my direction in Jesus' name.
15. Contrary powers will not succeed concerning me in Jesus' name.
16.  My glory will not accept burial in Jesus' name.
17. Holy Ghost: release the precious things of heaven upon my life in Jesus' name.
18. Precious things of the earth: seek me and find me in Jesus' name.
19. Precious things of ancient hills and everlasting mountains: work in my favour in Jesus' name.
20. Precious things of the dry land and the open sea- my life is available in Jesus' name.
21. My success will not be accidented in Jesus' name.
22. My feet will not be chained in Jesus' name.
23. My hands will not be poisoned in Jesus' name.
24. My head will not accept thorns in Jesus' name.
25. Curse of iniquity: break by the blood of Jesus in Jesus' name.
26. Curse of fatal errors: backfire in Jesus' name.
27. Power of blocked ways: fail in Jesus' name.
28. My body: reject funeral clothes in Jesus' name.
29. My work: accept new blessings in Jesus' name.
30. My marriage: refuse to break in Jesus' name.
31. Wicked secrets of evil plotters: be exposed in Jesus' name.
32. Fresh fire of God: fall upon me in Jesus' name.
33. New rains from heaven: fall upon my home and work in Jesus' name.
34. Anointing of Ghost and Power: fall upon me in Jesus' name.
35. Lord of increase: breathe upon my ministry and business in Jesus' name.
36. Evil altar of wicked elders: receiver fire and burn to ashes in Jesus' name.
37. My hands: receive power for war,  my fingers: receive fire for battle in Jesus' name.
38. I shall not apologize to Satan: Satan shall fall for my sake In  Jesus' name.
39. Where is the Lord God of Elijah: arise and trouble powers troubling the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name.
40. Holy Ghost, let your anger rise and uproot thorns in the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name.
41. Fire of God: burn evil presence in the way of the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name.
42. Lord God of Daniel: arise now and destroy evil powers daring you in the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name.
43. Holy Ghost, ignite fresh fire of revival in your church in Jesus' name.
44.  Lord of grace: locate and destroy the root of darkness in Nigeria in Jesus' name
45. Thank you Lord for putting me on the throne of your increase in 2016.

Glory to God! Pls, pray & share. God bless you. Pastor Dele Oyewale( December 31st, 2015).

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