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Topic: The Mystery of Reluctant, Difficult & Impossible Doors!( 2).

Text: Exodus 8 vs 28; Genesis 37 vs 18-19. Isaiah 43 vs 19 & Luke 1 vs 34-37.

God will surely make a way for me in the wilderness. He will carry me over evil walls and break barriers and boundaries for my sake in Jesus' name. Amen.


The issue of a door is crucial to the reception of blessings,  both in the physical and spiritual realms. In the physical, a door offers a passage into a house. No mater how beautiful or expansive a mansion is, without a door, there can be no access. It is access that determines success. God will grant you access to good success today in Jesus' name. We dealt with Reluctant Doors at the last prayer program. Today, we will address Difficult Doors.

Difficult Doors.
What are Difficult Doors? They are situations, circumstances, environments, personalities that are simply hard and impenetrable by physical means. Joseph's brothers, in Genesis 37 vs 18-19, were hard in their aversion for their younger brother. They were united in their destructive envy of the future of Joseph. It was a difficult door for little Joseph. Such situations and scenarios abound everywhere today.

Difficult doors manifest:

1. When barriers are boldly placed on the path of someone( a difficult boss in the office; an unpleasant spouse, a wayward child, an envious supervisor etc, are all difficult doors). 2. When debts accumulate and there is no hope of repayment. 3. When hopes of turn around of an unpleasant situation are simply slim. 4. When opposition and irritation build up against a person and there seems to be no way at all for any form of acceptance. 5. When age is not on the side of someone for marriage, employment, appointment or any other desires.

It could also show forth when an individual faces false accusation. Again, Joseph's experience in Potiphar's house is apposite here. In Genesis 39 vs 7-20, the Bible gives vivid account of what transpired between Potiphar's wife and Joseph. Joseph turned down the overtures and sexual advances of his master's wife and paid dearly for it. The woman stacked hard charges against Joseph, accusing him of attempted rape. The man of the house was furious. In verse 20 of that scriptures, the Bible says that: "And Joseph's master took him and put him into prison, a place where the king's prisoners were bound: and he was there in the prison".

False accusations abound everywhere. It is a difficult door situation. Some of us have experienced it before. Many more will still experience it, but God will always send help and comfort to you in Jesus' name. A gang-up situation is a difficult door situation. You can't win an argument against an enemy, except God helps you. Husbands do accuse their wives wrongly. Wives are also guilty of the same thing. Many people are in prison for no fault of theirs. They are all difficult door situations. Such situations may also manifest in hostile neighborhoods prone to insecurities and uncertainties. People on exile are facing difficult door situation just as divorced, separated people.

In all of these situations, God is the surest deliverer. The good news, actually is that God is a God of the oppressed! He is always at the other end of deprivation- waiting to give succor and hope. The poor are in the world and God is their unfailing help. However,  God does not commit himself to those who don't know Him. Difficult doors will only open for those who put their hopes in God. It will also open for those who pray without ceasing; who read the word of God continually and are stubborn in their faith. There can be no difficult door for a God who made the door: He will fling it open today in Jesus' name. Amen. Shalom.

Appreciate the power of God in your life by deeply praising and worshipping Him.

1. Lord of lord, King of kings: glory to your excellent name in Jesus' name.
2. Holy Ghost, reverse evil conclusions made against my lifting in Jesus' name.
3. Lord Jesus, throw open the prison door and announce my liberty in Jesus' name.
4. I shall not live in the will of man in Jesus' name.
5. Fire of God, scatter every wall in the hearts of men built against me in Jesus' name.
6. I receive grace never to eat what I cannot swallow in Jesus' name.
7. Lord, assign your angels  to run the race with me and stay at the finish line to offer me the trophy in Jesus' name.
8. Father, don't place me on the same route with contrary wind in Jesus' name.
9. Father of mercies, forbid the Northern wind from blowing away my rain in Jesus' name.
10. By your awesome love Lord, place me on a throne above other thrones in Jesus' name.
11. Power of continuous harvest, work for me and my home in Jesus' name.
12. Holy Ghost, send me out of a group that cannot stand against the whirlwind in Jesus' name.
13. Father, make me deaf to the voice of the grave in Jesus' name.
14. My names shall not be found in the mortuary register in Jesus' name.
15. Power reporting me to the hangman, die in Jesus' name.
16. Blood of Jesus, stand against any wound in my womb in Jesus' name.
17. Mighty God, shed your light to every blind spot in my spirit and body in Jesus' name.
18. I reject abortion of benefits and miscarriage of favours in Jesus' name.
19. Father of love, rebuke every power querying your mercy upon my destiny in Jesus' name.
20. Lord: break, batter and bury weapons of war prepared against Nigeria in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you Lord for helping me to run through the troop in Jesus' name.

Hallelujah! Pls, pray & share. God bless you! Pastor Dele Oyewale( February 5th, 2015).'

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