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Topic: The Mystery of Rains.

Text: 1 King 18:1; Deut. 28:12. James 5 vs 17-18.

Confessions: I shall live in the rain. I shall live in the fullness of the dew of heaven. Both the former and latter rain will agree with my joy and comfort in 2015 in Jesus' name.


Deuteronomy 28 vs 12 says that: " The Lord shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless the work of thine hand: and thou shall lend unto many nations, and thou shall not borrow". An important component of this blessing is rain coming from heaven into the land given to the people of God. Land is great riches offered to man by God but it is useless without rain. It is like earth removed from heaven- there is no God in such a situation.

But what is rain? Rain is release of waster from heaven to soften, sweeten, and enliven the earth. The water may come like dew, it may come like drizzles and may tumble down as downpour. There are scientists that have made several claims to their theories of rain formation: for example, there is the Bergeron process, coalescence theory, general systems theory, ice-crystal mechanisms theories of rain formation. All these are just scientific surmises. God is the rain maker and rain giver:  scientists may stumble on His principles of making rain- the principles are not made by scientists-they are made by the Almighty God.

  What makes rain a mystery? First, rain is more than the physical waters that we see: rain is life! The people of Samaria of old ( during the reign of Ahab) 1 Kings 18 vs 1-45, suffered drought for three years and six months, when Elijah the Tishbite prophesied that there would be no rain. They suffered death,  famine, destruction and serial losses because there was no rain. Second, rain is prosperity. Land is bound to yield its increase when it is soaked with water from above.

Third,  rain is more than just a release of water from heaven: rain is open heavens! When God opens His heavens, all glory opens to man. This is why it is important to thank God for rain and pray to live in the rain everyday. Rain is health and wealth; it is hydration of the earth and a hydrated earth is a bountiful earth. You will live in the rain this year in Jesus' name. Rain is smiles and sunshine: you will not live in gloom in 2015 in Jesus' name. The wind that will blow in your direction will bring rain and your ways will not be dry in Jesus' name.

There are challenges around today. This is why you need rains. Everyday requires new rains-yesterday rains cannot address the needs of today.  It is the touch of God that will bring real succor. As you look up this year and drop every need at the feet of Jesus, He will fix all your issues. But don't try to be clever by half: stay with Jesus. Seek Him. Dump all those spirit that cannot help themselves-not to talk of helping you- you will be free to enjoy the rains in Jesus' name. Amen.


Pls sing this song:
Open the floodgate of heaven
Let it rain, let it rain.......
Open the floodgate of heaven
Let it rain, let is rain.....!

1. Living God of the universe,  glory to your awesome name in Jesus' name.
2. Father,  by your power, cause rains to fall on all issues of my life in 2015 in Jesus' name.
3. I command dry season to cease in my finances and projects in Jesus' name.
4. Rains of new appointments and jobs, fall on me now in Jesus' name.
5. My health: hear the word of God; receive new rains and blossom in Jesus' name.
6. Lord, separate me from contrary wind that blows rains away in Jesus' name.
7. North wind of my father's house, cease in Jesus' name.
8. Lord, change every dark cloud in my marriage, career and ministry to sudden rains in Jesus' name.
9. Father, give me fertile land upon which rains will fall in Jesus' name.
10. I reject rain of adversity in Jesus' name.
11. I reject rain of reversed favours in Jesus' name.
12. Holy Ghost, reposition me on the throne of grace in Jesus' name.
13. Power of continual dryness, break in Jesus' name.
14. Power of denied harvest, fail in Jesus' name.
15. Power of concluded demotion, scatter by fire in Jesus' name.
16. Father, grant me new success that will enhance my visibility in privileged heights in Jesus' name.
17. Lord, do by your mercy, what my prayers cannot do in Jesus' name.
18. By your blood Lord, repair every broken covenant of increase concerning me in Jesus' name.
19. Holy Ghost, break every attitude separating me from altitude in Jesus' name.
20. Fire of God, move over Nigeria and burn evil preparations against rest and glory in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you Lord for soaking my life with your rains in Jesus' name.

Lord be praised! Pls, pray & share. God bless. Pastor Dele Oyewale( January 15th, 2015).

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