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Topic: The Lord Shall Laugh At Them!

Text: Psalm 2 vs 4. Psalm 11 vs 6, Isaiah 50 vs 7-9, Isaiah 8 vs 9-10.


God holds the wicked in contempt and laughs at them for the futility of their devices. He laughs at their narrowness and emptiness,  and sets them up for destruction. When the dogs and bulls bare their tongues, to bite my innocence and gentleness, the Lord will laugh at them, because His curses are upon them and their generations. When the ungrateful repay me evil for good, God will laugh at them, because destruction is not far from their doorposts. When the proud and boastful launch the rocket of their pride against me, God will laugh at them, because their rockets will soon crash and return to the earth.

When the slanderer and evil reporters ply their trade and speak evil of the anointed and dignitaries, He that sits in heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. When the betrayer plot and bring forth their wicked schemes against me, God will laugh at them, because He will disappoint their devices and their hands will not be able to perform their enterprises. When the vain and narrow-sighted reject instructions and counsels, the Lord shall laugh at them because their destruction is just a matter of time. When the cunning hide behind their craftiness and think no one is seeing them, God shall laugh at them because their nakedness shall be a feast for heaven and earth.

When the rich and proud look down on me, the Lord shall laugh at them because He will surely humble them and make them remember how he raised them from the dust and the dunghill. When the powerful and privileged tread upon widows and the fatherless, the Lord will laugh at them because He will remind them that death is an ambush for the lowly and the exalted. When the beautiful and the smashing abuse their glory and grace and pawn their bodies for vanity and emptiness, the Lord will laugh at them because beauty is mere flower that blooms and drops with the season.

The Lord will laugh at evil associations and gatherings against me . His words say: "Associate yourselves, O ye people, and ye shall be broken in pieces; and give ear, all ye of far countries: gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces; gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces. Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for God is with us"! " The Lord will laugh at those that condemn and reject me , because ".......the Lord God will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed. He is near that justifies me; who will contend with me? Let us stand together: who is mine adversary? Let him come near to me. Behold the Lord God will help me; who is he that shall condemn me? Lo, they all shall wax old as a garment; the moth shall eat them up". Amen. Shalom.


1. My faith looks up to Thee,
Thou Lamb of Calvary,
  Savior Divine;
Now hear me while I pray;
Take all my guilt away;
Oh, let me from this day
  Be wholly Thine.
May Thy rich grace impart
Strength to my fainting heart,
  My zeal inspire;
As Thou hast died for me,
Oh, may my love to Thee
Pure, warm, and changeless be,
  A living fire.
While life’s dark maze I tread,
And griefs around me spread,
  Be Thou my Guide;
Bid darkness turn to day,
Wipe sorrow’s tears away,
Nor let me ever stray
  From Thee aside.
All thru life’s transient dream,
Until death’s sullen stream
  Shall o’er me roll,
Blest Savior, with Thy love,
Fear and distrust remove;
Make me Thy grace to prove
  Transform my soul.

1. Gracious Lord, glory to your name for being my shield and city of refuge in Jesus' name.
2. Father, laugh my troublers to scorn and shame in Jesus' name.
3. Make Haman hang in the gallows he prepared for me in Jesus' name.
4. I shall be envied wherever I was pitied in Jesus' name.
5. By your light Lord, reveal and destroy every power throwing stones at me in darkness in Jesus' name.
6. Let your fear in my heart be greater than your riches in my life in Jesus' name.
7. Lord Jesus, by your power and mercy, reverse witchcraft funeral conducted in my name in Jesus' name.
8. Let serpents and scorpions die in the holes they are hiding to attack me in Jesus' name.
9. Every altar calling for my demotion and reduction, crash in Jesus' name.
10. Every altar standing against my health and wholeness, crash by fire in Jesus' name.
11. Spirit wife/ Husband stealing my virtues, receive fire, die by fire in Jesus' name.
12. Lord, neutralize evil injection pumped into my body by your blood in Jesus' name.
13. O Lord arise by your power, repeat every dream of greatness and victory I once had in Jesus' name.
14. Powers of errors against breakthrough, die in Jesus' name.
15. Offenses  designed against my success and announcement, die in your incubation in Jesus' name.
16. Holy Ghost, don't appoint my enemies into the interview panel of my next level in Jesus' name.
17. Lord, post my letter of appointment into greatness in the facebook of heaven in Jesus' name.
18. Lord, deliver me from sins that will take me away from your focus in Jesus' name.
19. Help me to sow a seed that will yield generational harvest in Jesus' name.
20. Holy Ghost, direct wise men from the East to offer me gifts in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you Lord for feeding my pursuers with sand and mud in Jesus' name.

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