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Thursday Prayer Program

Topic:   Victory Over Wicked &  Aggressive Opposition.

Texts:  Exodus 15 vs 9, 2 Kings 7 vs 1-2,  Acts 23 vs 21. 

Prayer Targets: 

 Everyone finding breakthrough difficult. Those facing severe witchcraft attacks and monitoring in their businesses, finance,  health, marriage and career and those asking God to remove stubborn blockages in their ways.


 The Lord will surely deliver me from powers and forces that are cruel to me and make me overcome every strong hand that opposes itself against me in Jesus' name( Job 30 vs 21). Amen. 


What is Opposition ?

The word opposition means resistance,  contention or dangerous disagreement. In spiritual warfare, it means blockages,  barriers and strongholds. Every soul made by God is made to flourish, succeed,  expand and bear useful fruits( Rev. 4 vs 11). However, there are powers that oppose, accuse,  resist and contend with blessings, glory, opportunities and riches of God    for His children. These powers are called opposing powers( Exodus 15 vs 9,  1 Samuel 17 vs 28-29;  Daniel 10 vs 12-13).  They are wicked. They are unyielding and wild. They are to be resisted. They are to be fought and they are to be subdued. The Lord will grant us victory over such forces in Jesus' name.  

Why Do Oppositions Occur? 

They arise to hinder the programmes of God for His children( John 10 vs 10).  They also arise to delay manifestations of divine agenda( Daniel 10 vs 12-13).  To establish contrary plans and counsels against God's plans( Psalm 33 vs 10);  to punish and frustrate children of God( Exodus 1 vs 13-14),  to subvert or sabotage divine promises( Lamentations 3 vs 36), to discourage children of God from serving God( Psalm 3 vs 2) and to manipulate children of God into errors, sins and backsliding( Psalm 125 vs 3).

How Do Oppositions Occur? 

They occur through physical confrontations( I Sam 17 vs 28-29);  through vicious attacks and contention( 1 Sam 19 vs 10-24);  through spiritual resistance and stone walling( Daniel 10 vs 12-13);  through demonic and witchcraft operations of cobwebs, evil marks,  monitoring, dream attacks,  evil cages of blessings and other devices( Job 5 vs 12).  Opposition is also done through evil networking and dragnet of darkness.  It is done through chains of darkness and stones of darkness( Lamentations 3 vs 7, Job 28 vs 3). 

Symptoms Of Wicked & Aggressive  Opposition.

Whenever breakthroughs and blessings are being opposed, the following signs are always noticeable:  unexplainable dryness and hardship;  closed doors of favour and help;  hatred and rejection for no reason;  dream attacks;  slippery success in business and in other engagements,  rising number of enemies;  marital stress and difficulties in attracting right partners for lasting and enjoyable relationship,  lack of completion of projects, discouragement about spiritual things resulting in difficulties in prayers, fasting,  giving to the work of God and criticisms of genuine things and people of God. 

How To Overcome Wicked & Aggressive Opposition.

1. Give your life to Christ.  2. Get baptised in the Holy Ghost.  3. Run away from any known iniquity or disobedience of the commandments of God. 4. Break away from anyone not helping your spirituality.  5.  Avoid any known  agent of darkness and ask God to help you drive them away from your life. 6. Read the word of God actively and regularly.  7. Pay conscious attention to your dreams and seek help whenever you have a bad dream. 8.  Be a fasting and prayer addict.  9. Develop a conscious quiet time with God. 10.  Pray in tongues each time you pray

Please know that severe opposition always comes when there is something great coming to you. Satan does not contest emptiness. Saul was after David because of the throne. The Prince of Persia opposed Daniel because of the anointing. Jesus suffered opposition on earth because of His diety. Paul the apostle was wildly opposed and attacked because of his ministry.  So, opposition should not  make you to give up. Don't be discouraged at all! Rather, gather yourself together and fight.  You have everything in your favour: the name of Jesus; the word of God; the Holy Spirit; the blood of Jesus, angels of God and your unfailing faith!  You will win today in Jesus' name.  

Please, give quality  repentance, praise and worship unto the Lord.  

1. Holy Spirit, my strength, my song and my salvation, blessed be your name in Jesus' name. 
2. Lord, search every opposition against me and destroy them all in the name of Jesus. 
3. Every voice of Goliath against the power of my God, die in the name of Jesus.
4. Every sword of Saul seeking my soul for destruction,  turn against your owner in the name of Jesus.
5. My enemies shall be naked before me in the name of Jesus.
6. Lord, send your chief angels against the Prince of my father and mother's house and overpower him for my glory to come forth in the name of Jesus.
7. Every power querying the blessings of God in my life, die now in the name of Jesus.
8.  Every shadow of enemies around my business, marriage, career, relationship, health and ministry,  receive fire and disappear into hell in the name of Jevil esus.
9. Every assignment of hard bondage,  hard people, hard environment,  hard luck against my blessings,  fail in the name of Jesus. 
10. By the blood of Jesus, I command every witchcraft dreams of suffering, failure, afflictions,  losses, robbery and pollution to be reversed in the name of Jesus.
11.  Every evil claim  of wicked powers and evil authority over my advancement, fail in the name of Jesus. 
12. I come out of prison holes, witchcraft cage,  heavy chains, room of darkness by the power in the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus. 
13. Holy Ghost, pay back every gifts and favours of darkness the enemy is using to divert my blessings and glory in the name of Jesus.
14.  By the mercy and love of God, I regain every good ground I have lost to my enemies and wicked tormentors in the name of Jesus.
15. Holy Ghost,  locate evil devices of enemies against my increase and destroy them all in the name of Jesus.
16. O Lord arise as a consuming fire and destroy every evil work assigned against The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
17. Every rage of darkness against The Throne Apostolic Ministry,  crash in the name of Jesus.
18. Power of global revival, fall upon The Throne Apostolic Ministry in the name of Jesus.
19.  Every satanic oppression of the glory of Nigeria,  fail in the name of Jesus.
20. Thank you Lord for  delivering  me from wicked and stubborn opposition in the name of Jesus. 

Glory to God!  Please,  pray hard and share widely.  Are you prepared for Rapture? Pls, hurry up and rededicate your life to Christ.  God bless you  more.  Pastor Dele Oyewale( 30 August, 2018).






Lord, Fill Me With Your  Fullness.

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