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Prayer of The Week

Jesus offered six water pots of wine for a single need of wine: This week, He 'll offer you a tank-full of water for your thirst, vault-full of money for your bills; heart-full of love for your joy; quiver-full of missiles for your defense & brain-full of ideas for your breakthrough! He 'll put out candles of wickedness against you! Ps 11:6

The laughter of God is a sun: it rises & never sets! This week, God 'll give you laughter that does not set. He 'll prosper your laughter. God 'll make a new garment for your laughter & make your laughter an appealing bride. You 'll laugh far & wide & all trials 'll bow to your laughter in Jesus' name. Week of laughter! Ps. 2:for

God's power does not blow a siren, yet it beats every traffic! This week, God 'll give you His power. He 'll make you hotter than the sun & make you rule in d midst of your enemies. Hearts hardened again you 'll burn & your name 'll be raw acid in d mouth of your mockers in Jesus' name. Week of shining! Deut.33 vs 2.

Adam didn't know he needed a helpmeet until God gave him a wife: This week, God 'll locate a need in your life & meet it instantly in Jesus' name. You 'll not lack help. Your fountain of grace 'll not dry up. God 'll make your life Hs factory of glory & erase footprints of trouble around your life. Week of grace. Jn 1:16

Rewards are not awards: they are payments for every effort. Dswk, God will reward all your labours. His wages will locate you. He will pay back all you unappreciated gestures. Those repaying you evil 4 good will fade away. Moths will eat them up & their portion will fall into outer darkness in Jesus' name. Isa.50:9



Dswk, God will deliver you from the oppression of Egypt; the captivity of Babylon; the wailing of Sheol, the famine of Samaria & the demotion of Pizgah. You will enjoy the deliverance of Zion; fruitfulness of Shiloh & the abundance of Elim. God will place your feet on the ladder of glory in Jesus' name. You are blessed. Ps.115:14


A book is for reading but if it is not read, its purpose is lost: dswk, your purpose will not be lost. God will advertise your worth to all ends of the world. Forces fighting your talents will die. God will raise you up suddenly and you will attain new status in Jesus' name. You will arise and shine. Expect an upgrade! Isa. 60:1





Men may give gifts: only God loads us with benefits! Dswk, God will load you with benefits. Your barn will be filled. Your joy willl be full and your cup will overflow. Secret robbers sleeping and waking up with u will die. Every space in your life will be filled with the riches of God in Jesus' name and your help account willl rise! Ps 68:19





Dswk, God 'll open His hands unto you. He 'll deliver new gifts into your hands. Your hands 'll not be chained; closed or folded. Enemies 'll not close d gates of your hands. God 'll hand over the profits of the earth into your hands. You willl gather what your hands have given in Jesus' name. Expect a windfall! Ps 145:16

Elephants can dance but it takes only God to make it so. Dswk, your elephants 'll dance! God's possibilities 'll answer you. His mercy 'll take away every mess around you. Ancestral puzzles limiting you 'll be resolved. God 'll send emissaries of blessings your way in Jesus' name. Week of good success! 2Chr.26:15

A dog may bark at d rainbow: it can't bring it down! Dswk, threats of ur enemies 'll yield no result. Powers plotting against ur testimonies 'll die. God 'll make ur matter a no-go-area to ur detractors. Evil friends hiding under ur glory 'll fail. God 'll move u to ur throne in Jesus' name! Matt. 2:2.

Assets are great but they do depreciate. Dswk, God 'll revalue u. He 'll update & upgrade u. Ur lost worth 'll be regained. Glory stolen from u 'll be restored. God 'll deliver u from profitless relationships. He 'll judge powers reporting u to Satan. Hearts conceiving evil against u 'll fail! Ps 60:12

Ds is ur wk of justification. God 'll ignore all ur errors & pardon ur perversities. Powers accusing u of what God has forgiven u 'll die. Accusers standing against ur peace 'll fail. Every afflicn sitting over ur joy 'll cease in Jesus' name. God 'll attend to u & ur pains 'll disappear! Ps. 30: 2.

Fishes swim in water, yet fishes are boiled in water! Dswk, ur shelter 'll not turn to a slaughter slab, fingers feeding u 'll not poison u. Satan 'll not turn ur lovers to plotters. God 'll keep u under Hs shadow & build hedges round u in Jesus' name.He 'll broaden ur bed of roses! Wk of safety. Ps 30:6 (25th May 2014)

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