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Obtaining Blessings Through 20:15 Scriptures!

Topic: Obtaining Blessings Through 20:15 Scriptures!

Text: Genesis 20:15; Matthew 20:15; Acts 20:15; Job 20:15, Revelation 20:15.

1. Genesis 20:15

" And Abimelech said, Behold, my land is before thee: dwell where it pleaseth thee"

This scripture gave Abraham an open cheque.  Abimelech said "......My land is before thee, dwell where it pleases thee" . In the same way, God is saying:  2015 is before you- dwell where you please. The question is: where do you want to dwell? Do you want to dwell in plenty and victory? In grace and glory? In peace and health? In safety and security? In favour with God and man? In goodness and mercy? Surely, you will not dwell where your enemies want you to dwell. You will not dwell in adversity and calamity. You will not dwell in lack and famine. You will not dwell in obscurity and perversity. You only dwell where you wish to dwell!

2. Mathew 20:15
"Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good?"

  The background to this scripture is rooted in the parable of the householder, ( Matt. 20 vs 1-16), who decided to pay equal wage to both the 1st-hour  and l11th-hour employes. The 1st hour employees felt that they deserved to take bigger pay but the householder insisted that he paid them what he promised them and that he was free to do whatever he liked with his money! So, this year, God will decide to offer you maximum benefits for minimum efforts. He will use His resources to upgrade your status. Those who wish to query or interrogate your testimonies will fail in Jesus' name.

3. Acts 20:15
"And we sailed thence, and came the next day over Chios; and the next day we arrived at Samos and tarried at Trogyllium; and the next day we came to Miletus"

 The above pertained to the successful and safe journeys of Paul and other missionaries with him in all their movements. They went to Chios; Samos, Trogyllium and Miletus and arrived alive. What journeys are you planning for the year? Does it matter the number of places you will go in the course of the year? You will always arrive alive! Yours may be America; Dubai; London; Denmark; Maiduguri or Amsterdam- you will arrive alive. Why? Acts 20:15 says that the missionaries arrived in all the places they went, yours won't be different in Jesus' name.

Job 20:15
" He hath swallowed down riches; and he shall vomit them up again: God shall cast them out of his belly"

There are evil swallowers! Why are some people rich sometimes and are now wretched today? Why are some homes happy sometimes but are desolate today? Why are some people powerful sometimes but are now common folks today or why are some Christians hot sometimes but are now ice cold today? The answer is simple: evil swallowers have dealt with them! But, Job 20:15 is your restoration; compulsory restoration; God-supervised restoration. Do you want those riches; beauty; position; anointing; favors and glory back? God will remember Job 20:15 for your sake.

Revelation 20:15
" And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire"

Is your name written in the book of life? Are you very sure? Are you not hiding some secret powers somewhere, thinking nobody knows? Are you toying with some secret sins? Is it not time you bombard heaven to show mercy to you and write your name in the book of life? These are serious posers. May all these posers be resolved in 2015 in Jesus' name. Amen. Shalom.

Appreciate the Lord for bringing these scriptures your way so early in the year. Worship the King of glory for His wisdom.

1. Father of glory; I worship you for being my help of all seasons and time in Jesus' name.
2. Compel heaven and earth to give me space for good success in 2015 in Jesus' name.
3. I shall not dwell where your grace and glory are absent in 2015 in Jesus' name.
4. Every dry weather must produce rain for me in 2015 in Jesus' name.
5. Lord, maximize your favours over all affairs of my life in 2015 in Jesus' name.
6. Father, plant the tree of my blessings in your zone of permanent saturation in 2015 in Jesus' name.
7. Powers assigned to interrupt my testimonies in 2015, die in Jesus' name.
8. Evil advisers programmed to manipulate my benefactors against me, freeze into failure in Jesus' name.
9. Lord, deal with every evil eye cursing my increase in Jesus' name.
10. Holy Spirit, hoist your flag on the land of my life in Jesus' name.
11. Lord God of mercies, move ahead of me in all my journeys in 2015 in Jesus' name.
12. I shall arrive alive in all my destinations in 2015 in Jesus' name.
13. Father, break every agreement of death, calamity and distress concerning me and my home in Jesus'name.
14. Lord Jesus, make 2015 zero-affliction, zero- reduction and zero- sorrow year for me and my home in Jesus' name,
14. Powers that have swallowed my virtues, vomit them by the decree of God in Jesus' name.
15. My rest and peace in the womb of darkness, come out now in Jesus' name.
16. My possibilities will not become probabilities in Jesus' name.
17. Holy Ghost, write my name on the book of life with the indelible ink of God in Jesus' name.
18. Lord, on a daily basis, move me in the direction of heaven and eternity with you in Jesus' name.
19. Lord, take away every  assignment of darkness that will not allow your light to prosper in my life in Jesus' name.
20. Spirit of good results, locate and dominate my life in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you Lord for your word and work prepared to flourish in my life in 2015 in Jesus' name.

Hallelujah! Pray these prayers and go into the year triumphantly in Jesus' name. Pls don't forget to share. Stay blessed. Pastor Dele Oyewale( January 5th, 2015).

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