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O Lord, Settle Me Suddenly!

Topic: O Lord, Settle Me Suddenly!

Text: 2 Chronicles 29 vs 36, Luke 2 vs 13.


I'm set above the whole realm suddenly like Joseph. My enthronement comes by a sudden act of God and  the whole world rejoices with me in Jesus' name. Amen.


2 Chronicles 29 vs 36 says: " And Hezekiah rejoiced, and all the
people, that God had prepared the people: for the thing was done
suddenly".  This account of the Bible pertains to the consecration of
the people of Isreal by King Hezekiah, when he became king. He made
trumpeters, singers and Levites to come before the Lord in repentance
and re-dedication,  and God responded to them in mercy, and the
response came suddenly.

Most of the great things God did in the Bible came suddenly! Abraham
had his first instructions from God in Genesis 12 vs 1-3 suddenly.
Saul became the first King of Isreal in 1 Samuel 10 vs 1 suddenly.
David was anointed King in replacement of Saul suddenly. Joseph became
a prime minister in Egypt suddenly. Mary the mother of our Lord Jesus
Christ had the immaculate conception suddenly. Paul the apostle had
the first encounter with the Lord suddenly. Even, the wonderful
Pentecost came suddenly!

God does not need to rehearse His wonders to make them happen: He is
God and He can make anything happen at any time. This is one of the
profound awesomeness of the King of glory. The promotion of the
righteous usually comes suddenly and so is the destruction of the
wicked. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah never anticipated their
destruction when it happened. Haman was hung in the gallows he made
for Mordecai suddenly. Pharaoh and Herod met their Waterloo suddenly!

Today, as you pray to the God of "suddenly", He will settle you
suddenly in Jesus' name. Suddenly, you will find that the chains are
broken; suddenly you will find that your debts are paid; suddenly you
will discover that the evil growth in your body has disappeared;
suddenly you will find out that your bank accounts are fattened and
suddenly, you will come out of the narrow corner the enemy has pushed
you in Jesus' name. As pregnancy usually comes suddenly, your
enthronement will come suddenly in Jesus' name.

Beloved, stop agonizing over that situation. Just brace yourself up
for prayers. There is nothing that is too hard for God to do. God will
settle you suddenly in Jesus' name. What is important is to be
militant in your praise, prayers, faith and devotion to God. The God
of "suddenly" should be feared! We should pray to fear God more
because His good pleasure is only exercised in favour of the obedient.
Check any area of your life where you are cutting corners; ask for
mercy and pray against sudden wrath of God because every sin is a bad
risk. As you lift up your voice to Him today, He will help you
suddenly in Jesus' name. Amen. Shalom.

Praise & worship.

1. Eternal Father, I bow before your mighty power in Jesus' name.
2. Roll away the weight upon my spirit in Jesus' name.
3. Father, make me a load of granite in the hearts of my troublers in
Jesus' name.
4. Withdraw my benefits from the bank of darkness and send them to me
in Jesus' name.
5. My beheaded glory, receive a new head in Jesus' name.
6. My amputated glory, receive new feet in Jesus' name.
7. My castrated glory, receive new vigour in Jesus' name.
8. My diseased glory, receive new health in Jesus' name.
9. My insulted glory, receive new honor in Jesus' name.
10. My buried glory, jump out of the grave and locate me now in Jesus' name.
11. My hidden glory, receive exposure in Jesus' name.
12. My melancholic glory, receive new joy in Jesus' name.
13. My dragging glory, receive speed in Jesus' name.
14. My detained glory, receive liberty in Jesus' name.
15. My dead glory, receive life abundant in Jesus' name.
16. Lord, rescue me from dilapidation and desolation in Jesus' name.
17. Power of unsearchable greatness, come upon me now in Jesus' name.
18. Lord, make me a sponsor and helper of future kings and queens in
Jesus' name.
19. I shall inherit substance and enjoy divine sustenance in Jesus' name.
20. My celebration dress will not be torn in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you Lord for creating good emergency for my lifting in Jesus' name.

Glory to God! Pls, pray & share. God bless you. Pastor Dele Oyewale(
November 3rd, 2014).




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