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Topic: Garment of Praise!

Text: Isaiah 61 vs 3. Habakkuk 3 vs 17.


I'm a house built by The Lord:
My pillars are stout;
Like the iron muscles of elephants
Walking around the field.

I'm a house on the rock:
My anchor is firmly fixed;
Like the Iroko tree
In the open forest.

I'm a large house:
My crannies are loaded with jewels,
Shining like the rising sun.
My basement is amazement,
And my gates high praises.

I'm a house of The Lord:
Glory is my air conditioner;
Victory is my furnishing
And joy my beddings!

Tell the wind:
The rock cannot be blown away.
Tell the robber:
The King's trumpet cannot be stolen!
Tell the mocker:
The palace's meal is a meal
Even if the meat is fatty!

Praise & Worship.
1. Lord, I praise you. You are glorious in faithfulness.
2. Let the clouds be drums; the wind loud cymbals and the thunder heavy clapping  unto the Lord in Jesus' name.
3. Lord, I worship you because your sunlight and moonlight are brighter than the light of all the nations in Jesus' name.
4. Father, you are the permanence of all permanence, the pre-eminence of time and season and the strength of the hills in Jesus' name.
5. Holy Ghost, blessed be your name for your works, ways and wonders within and around me in Jesus' name.
6. Promote my prosperity beyond time and season in Jesus' name.
7. Help me to lift barrels of joy daily from your fountain in Jesus' name.
8. By your power, hold my house against storm and stress in Jesus' name.
9. Lubricate my ways with your oil of ease and gladness in Jesus' name.
10. Break evil padlock locking away my blessings in Jesus' name.
11. Lord, send your joys into my dreamland to replace every dream of sorrow I have ever dreamt in Jesus' name.
12. Make my destiny your supermarket of assorted riches in Jesus' name.
13. I pull off every garment of failure around my life into the lake of fire in Jesus' name.
14. Father, ventilate my house with breeze of favor and grace in Jesus' name.
15. Holy Ghost, give me every who-would-have-believed blessings that will announce my glory to the whole world in Jesus' name.
16. Powers waiting to eat up my harvest, die in Jesus' name.
17. Establish my finances in your good and fat pastures in Jesus' name.
18. Spirit of the Lord, frustrate every plot of darkness designed to change my light to darkness in Jesus' name.
19. King of glory, separate me from tempters and enticers in Jesus' name.
20. Lord, reverse witchcraft burial of my favors and future in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you Lord for blessing me with a new garment of praise in Jesus' name.

Glory to the King of glory! Pls, pray and share. Praise God more. God bless you. Pastor Dele Oyewale( June 16th, 2014).





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