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Topic: Letter To My Maker(1)

Texts: Jer 33 vs 3.  Psalm 141 vs 1-2;  Psalm 138 vs 8.  1 Peter 5 vs 10.

  My dear Heavenly Father!

I join the heavens today to declare your glory and the firmament to show forth your glorious works. I want to say Lord that, you deserve the glories pouring out of the earth unto you, because you are the Lord that richly waters all ends of the earth and meets all needs without running out of supplies. The wise must give you praise because you are their wisdom: you are the strength of the strong, the beauty of the beautiful and the wealth of the wealthy.

I also bring you praise for your long suffering: you neither suffer tyranny nor oppression, poverty nor squalor, ailment nor affliction- what you suffer is the waywardness of men, wickedness on earth,  dearth of affection, death of truth; robustness of foolishness; blood-letting; terrorism of man by man; uncleannesses called sexual revolution and other evils that have made the earth a furnace. You only wept once on earth at Lazarus' tomb but you are now weeping daily in heaven at the exodus of souls pouring into hell.

Lord, I know your deep love for sinners: empower your saints to carry the light of your word to all crannies of the world. Let the whole world know about Jesus. Let the terrorists in our midst lay down their arms by the force of your gospel. Let witches see the hollowness of their darkness and come to your marvelous light. Let the liar be tired of living in a fool's paradise and come to the truths of your ways. Let the plotters know that ,  humanity is a circle and every plot comes back to the plotter sooner than later. Let the robber knows that he is not robbing anyone in the real sense but only robbing himself of peace,  light and life abundant that you have given him.

Specifically today, Lord, let there be answers to  long-standing cries for health, wealth and help. Your words say that, by your stripes we are healed: heal the sick widely and readily today in Jesus' name. Sicknesses that the enemy have timed into our future will not come to pass in Jesus' name. Lord, don't allow afflictions that have been arranged against our peace to stand. Release your angels of healing into the lives of all your children today. Lives on the death list of Satan are saved by your touch in Jesus' name.

Lord, manifest yourself  today in the finances of your children. Rebuke indebtedness within and around us. Locusts of bad debts must die. Powers sponsoring indebtedness into the finances of your children must die. I desire that you open fresh ways and means for us, to make wealth and spread it to every lives needing your help. Give money to those that will give others. Withdraw riches from hoarders of wealth and give it to spenders and givers. Lord,  don't allow troubles for those who give. Don't allow disgrace and crises around them. Move us from every familiar means of making money to unfamiliar sources, so that no one will stand as an idol or god in the lives of your children.

Finally Lord, help the lonely and the hurting. Give warmth to widows, courage and strength to the fatherless; lead the single to your charted path of companionship and comfort the frustrated and the abandoned in Jesus' name. There is no joy outside of Jesus, please, let the world turn back to you. Let husbands be true to you because if they are not true to you, they cannot be true to their wives. Let wives desire you more because of they don't desire you, they will desire something and someone outside of their homes. Humble the arrogant and teach us to light a candle instead of cursing darkness all the time. Teach all men to know that, no man can win another man to himself, except he wins himself to himself!   Those who have won themselves are those who are yielded to God and help us to remain in your word, all through this life in Jesus' name.  Thank you for reading through this letter. I love you Lord!

Your humble son.
Dele Oyewale.

Praise & Worship
1. All glory to the Prince of life for for favors and grace in Jesus' name.
2. Father, help me never to fight myself again in Jesus' name.
3. My womb will not turn into a tomb in Jesus' name.
4. Lord, give me new inspiration for success and new achievements in Jesus' name.
5. Raise new financial pillars for me in an emergency in Jesus' name.
6. Make my head bigger and put a bigger crown on it in Jesus' name.
7. Lord Jesus, by your mercies, let every communication gap between you and I be bridged today in Jesus' name.
8. Let Haman prepare gallows  and let him be hung in his own gallows in Jesus' name
9. Lord, prepare a table before me In the presence of my enemies in Jesus' name.
10. Compel my mockers to advertise my glory in Jesus' name.
11.  Lord of hosts,  return  arrows of afflictions to their owners in Jesus' name.
12. Holy Ghost! Destroy every evil power fasting to bring me down in Jesus' name .
13. Lord, do not allow Satan to abbreviate my joy in Jesus' name.
14.  Demonic bankers holding my riches, die in Jesus' name.
15. Lord, close the way against all investigators of my favours in Jesus' name.
16. Conference of  mischief convened in my name, break in Jesus' name.
17. Father, water my financial garden in eight directions in Jesus' name.
18. Debts assigned to swallow my life, disappear suddenly in Jesus' name.
19. Lord, appoint your angels to keep me company in my loneliness in Jesus' name.
20. Give me a word that will stabilize my world in Jesus' name.
21. Thank you Lord for defending your interests in my destiny in Jesus' name.





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