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King Uzziah Must Die!


Topic:King Uzziah Must Die!



Texts: Isaiah 6 vs 1-5 & Psalm 136 vs 17-22. 
Prayer Targets: 
Brethren that need to move forward in all realms. Those seeking divine intervention against secret powers blocking their announcement. 
The Lord that killed Pharaoh in the Red Sea, Herod in a sudden and disgraceful manner and turned Nebuchadnezzar into a mere animal,  will destroy any King Uzziah blocking my access to God's glory in Jesus' mighty name.   Amen. 
Prophet Isaiah was a national prophet in Israel.  As a very anointed and profound servant of God, he had access to every revelation and vision, except one major one. He could not see God. He could not access heaven. He could not transmit heavenly information to his brethren and the problem was a certain King Uzziah that was blocking his access. However, his deliverance came when Uzziah died. In Isaiah 6 vs 1, the Bible recorded Isaiah as saying that:  "In the year that king Uzziah died,  I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple". 
Who is King Uzziah?  King Uzziah means a ruler of darkness, a principality that: 
1. Blocks people's access to higher blessings.
2. Covers the glory of others and does not allow them gain any recognition. 
3. Diminishes people's capacity for great accomplishments. 
4.  Resists the manifestation of other people. 
5. Causes spiritual blindness and thereby makes it impossible for people to come up with great ideas, innovations, strategies and drives. 
6. Protests against God's good promises for others and delays the fulfillment of those promises. 
7. Frustrates prosperity and promotion. 
8.  Cripples growth of ministries and whittles the spiritual strength of genuine Ministers of God. 
King Uzziah did not make it possible for Isaiah to see God in his ministry. In what areas of your life do you desire to see God? If God is not seen in a business, breakthroughs will be difficult. If God is not seen in a marriage, divorce, break- up, separation and all manner of dispute will always come up. If God is not seen in a ministry, miracles and wonders and signs will be rare. If God is not seen in a career or profession, landmark promotion and strides will be difficult.  So, such a character like Uzziah should not be allowed to live, he must die and he will die today in Jesus' name.  Everywhere you need to see God, He will appear to you in Jesus' name. 
God promised the people of Israel Canaan but the promise did not come to pass until three evil kings died. The Kings are Pharaoh, King of Egypt, Og, the King of Bashan and Sihon, King of the Amorites. There are some kings that must die for your destiny to move forward.  They must die because the dominion they are exercising over your life is not theirs. They must die because two kings cannot occupy the same throne. The throne they are occupying is not theirs: it belongs to you and you must be established there in Jesus' name. So, today, as we pray, God will remove King Uzziah and plant you on the throne that rightly belongs to you in Jesus' name. Amen. Shalom. 
Give quality praise and worship unto the Lord. Repent of any known sins and ask for a covering of fire round about you. 
1. Lord of all flesh, glory and adoration belong to you in Jesus' name. 
2.  Father, locate every King Uzziah separating me from your glory and slay him in Jesus' name, 
3. Every King Uzziah blocking my financial space, die in Jesus' name. 
4. Every King Uzziah separating me from my spiritual glory, die in Jesus' name. 
5. Every King Uzziah resisting my marital glory, die in Jesus' name. 
6. Holy Spirit arise, locate every King Uzziah fighting the fulfillment of your promises for my life and smite him in Jesus' name. 
7.  My crown of pure gold, come forth in Jesus' name. 
9.  My head, hear the word of the Lord, accept the crown of goodness from the Lord in Jesus' name. 
10. Every wicked power contesting my assigned territories of glory with me, die in Jesus' name. 
11. O you palace of King Uzziah of my father's house, crumble now in Jesus' name. 
12. Fire of God, search and destroy every standing army of King Uzziah warring against   my ground of blessings in Jesus' name. 
13.  Every decree of King Uzziah working against my announcement, break by fire in Jesus' name.. 
14.  Holy Ghost arise, find a place for me at the top in Jesus' name. 
15. My benefits taken over by King Uzziah, jump up and locate me in Jesus' name. 
16.  Every agreement between King Uzziah and the Prince of Persia against my advancement,  break in Jesus' name. 
17.  My garment of celebration kept away by King Uzziah, jump up and locate me in Jesus' name. 
18.  Lord Jesus, forgive me every sin that is making King Uzziah exercise dominion over my destiny, in Jesus' name. 
19. Power of imposed covenant, break in Jesus' name. 
20. Every voice of captivity over my inheritance, die in Jesus' name. 
21. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Arise now and trouble the troublers of The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
22. Holy Ghost arise, uproot whatever you did not plant in The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
23. Power of global revival, fall upon The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
24.  Holy Ghost, uproot every King Uzziah troubling the glory of Nigeria in Jesus' name. 
25. Thank you Lord for granting me dominion over the mighty in Jesus' name. 
Hallelujah! Pls, pray hard and share widely.  Are you prepared for Rapture? Jesus is ready now! God bless you more. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 30 October, 2017).





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