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Anointing For New Land & New Territories!


Topic: Anointing For New Land &  New Territories!

Text: Exodus 3 vs 17 &  Joshua 24: 13.

Prayer Targets :

Brethren desiring new opportunities;  businesses,  contracts, appointments, relationships  and new favours and those seeking God to fight powers opposing their spread and speed.


God will surely give me a land for which I will not labour; He will give me cities that I did not build and I will dwell in them and He will give me vineyards and oliveyard that I did not plant and I will eat them in Jesus' name.  Amen.


Rejoice before the Lord in praises and worship. Appreciate Him for the new month.  Ask the Holy Spirit to empower you afresh. 

1. Mighty God of the  universe, glory to your awesome name  in Jesus' name.
2. I bless your name for every territory I have possessed by the soles of my feet in Jesus' name.
3. I celebrate the power of your love that grants me all good possessions in Jesus' name.
4. Holy Ghost, thank you because every land and territory, together with their fullness belong to you and you have given them to me  in  Jesus' name.
5. Lord of lords, take all the glory for your good pleasure to give your kingdom on earth and heaven to me in Jesus' name.
6. Father, bring me in and plant me in the mountain of your inheritance in Jesus' name.
7. Anointing to possess mineral-rich and favour-filled land, fall upon me in Jesus' name.
8. Anointing to occupy and possess the land of the heathen, fall upon me in Jesus' name.
9. Anointing to inherit the labours and wealth of the heathen, fall upon me in Jesus' name.
10. Holy Ghost, as from today, move me from a barren land into a land flowing with milk and honey in Jesus' name.
11. Power of barrenness in marriage, business, career, ministry,  health and finance, break in Jesus' name.
12. Holy Ghost, move me away from territories of hostility, narrowness and envy to Rehoboth in Jesus' name.
13. Joseph brothers fighting my dreams, lose your terror over my life in Jesus' name.
14. Every eyes of Cain over my resources, receive blindness in Jesus' name.
15. Every old Prophet attacking my calling , receive instant judgment of God in Jesus' name.
16.  Power of Judas over my marriage and ministry, break in Jesus' name.
17. Every voice of Nabot and Jezebel over my inheritance, die in Jesus' name.
18. Father arise by your mercy,  move me to a large place promised me in your word in Jesus' name.
19. Every curse of narrowness and littleness over my resources, relationships  and opportunities, break in Jesus' name.
20. Every power of  rebellion and arrogance against God, His work and servants, fail in Jesus' name.
21. Holy Ghost  arise, separate me from Lot and Achan in the mighty name of Jesus.
22. I receive a cruse of salt to sweeten the waters of my Jericho in Jesus' name.
23. I reject Marah and its territory in Jesus' name.
24.  Powers insulting me with dependence on man and his whims,  die in Jesus' name.
25. Anointing to attract new friends and helpers, fall upon me in Jesus' name.
26. Where is the Lord God Of Elijah, arise now and trouble the troublers of The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
27. Holy Ghost arise and uproot whatever you did not plant in The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
28. Power of global revival, fall upon me  in  Jesus' name.
29. Father of mercy, save Nigeria from destruction knocking at its doors in Jesus' name.
30. Thank you Lord for bringing me into the sanctuary which your hands have established in Jesus' name. 

Glory to God.  Pls, pray and share widely. Are you  prepared for rapture? Jesus is ready now! God bless you more. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 1 May, 2017).




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