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Anointing For Divine Recognition.

Topic: Anointing For Divine Recognition.


Text: Daniel 5 vs 13-14.

Prayer Targets:

Brethren seeking divine announcement of their talents, beauty and skills. Those that wicked powers have locked away in obscurity and seeking the power of God to launch them into limelight. Those seeking God's recognition and compensation for all they are doing for Him, His servants and their ministries.


God will anoint me today with the oil of gladness and I will come out of obscurity into limelight in Jesus' name . Power of the bushel will break and I will be needed in choice places by the grace of the Lord in Jesus' mighty name. Amen.


The golden words of the Lord as contained in Daniel 5 vs 13-14 say that: "Then was Daniel brought in before the king. And the king spake and said unto Daniel, Art thou that Daniel, which art of the children of the captivity of Judah, whom the king my father brought out of Jewry? I have even heard of thee, that the spirit of the gods is in thee, and that light and understanding and excellent wisdom is found in thee." These words are not ordinary words. They are words of affirmation; recognition, promotion and announcement.

God's promotion does not come by a sudden flight. It is usually the ripeness of His favours, help, mercy and love. Joseph achieved recognition before promotion. His recognition came in Genesis 41 vs 14 and this sparked a flurry of activities that culminated in his promotion. Esther' beauty was first recognized before she was promoted. It is the same with Daniel. The king recognized him and with the recognition, he was doubly promoted. As you are reading this piece: I decree and declare that your recognition before kings and princes will happen NOW in Jesus' mighty name.

How did Daniel's recognition happen? First, God created a difficult need for King Belshazzar. He needed help. He combed all his domains but no single magician or astrologer could help him. Then, the queen told him about Daniel! The queen acted as Daniel's campaign manager. God will appoint a campaign manager for you today in Jesus' name. Second, Daniel was brought before the king( a change of location). God will do the same for you today in Jesus' name.

Third, the king appreciated the gift of God in Daniel. Listen to me, God's gifting in your life is for your lifting( Proverbs 18 vs 16). God confirmed this in the life of Daniel. Today, your gift will begin to speak. Barriers and barricades standing and speaking against your gifts will crumble. The king will send for you in Jesus' mighty name. Finally, Daniel used his gift to answer the king. The effect of all these is landmark promotion and benchmark prosperity for Daniel. All these will be our portion in Jesus' mighty name.

Everyman needs a king! The king may be an opportunity for expression of glory; it may be an idea the whole world is waiting for. It may be an appearance where it matters most or a challenge through which God will announce His superiority over our enemies. The king, no matter the form he appears, is a ladder of increase and an addition to greatness. You will not miss your king in Jesus' name. God will make a decision of promotion concerning you and I and this month will not end except we climb higher in Jesus' name.

How can we provoke divine recognition? First, give your life to Christ the saviour. Nowadays, it is no longer fashionable not to be born again. However, salvation must be guarded with fear and trembling. If you are a Christian already, glory to God. Work on your salvation. Work for God. Work with genuine servants of God. Second, INVEST( emphasis mine) in prayers, praise and proclamation of the Lord. Third, Avoid compromises and short cuts. Develop zero tolerance for evil and evil workers. Finally, live all your life for God and God alone! As you do all these, your promotion will come forth in Jesus' name. Amen. Shalom!



1 Come, we that love the Lord,
and let our joys be known;
join in a song with sweet accord,
join in a song with sweet accord
and thus surround the throne,
and thus surround the throne.
We're marching to Zion,
beautiful, beautiful Zion;
we're marching upward to Zion,
the beautiful city of God.

2. Let those refuse to sing
who never knew our God;
but children of the heavenly King,
but children of the heavenly King
may speak their joys abroad,
may speak their joys abroad.

3. The hill of Zion yields
a thousand sacred sweets
before we reach the heavenly fields,
before we reach the heavenly fields
or walk the golden streets,
or walk the golden streets.



1. O God of all flesh, blessed be your holy name in Jesus' name.
2. Father, promote me into distinction by your discretion in Jesus' name.
3. Holy Spirit, let your ability translate into a new possibility for me in Jesus' name.
4. By your mercy and grace, Lord, let time and season agree together for my lifting in Jesus' name.
5. I receive grace and favour for profitable divine location in Jesus' name.
6. Opportunity for relevance in the palace, locate me now in Jesus' name.
7. Holy Ghost, make a garment fitting for kings and rulers for me in Jesus' name.
8. Lord Jesus, grant me wisdom that promotion and greatness desire in your mighty name.
9. Holy Spirit, find a permanent seat for me in the front row of favour in Jesus' name.
10. My name will not be missing in the gazette of glory in Jesus' name.
11. Power of ancestral and environmental bushel, die in Jesus' name.
12. Wind of God, destroy the prison of obscurity keeping me away from the limelight in Jesus' name.
13. Prison dress and address serving me, catch fire in Jesus' name.
14. Holy Ghost, let your oil of gladness come upon me in Jesus' name.
15. Anointing of dust and dunghill, dry up in Jesus' name.
16. Lord Jesus, put my name on the lips of the king's campaigner in Jesus' name.
17. Power of recognition for divine surpluses, locate me in Jesus' name.
18. Lord Jesus, command your angels to feed me with the portion of kings and rulers in Jesus' name.
19. My admission into the fattening room of greatness will not be canceled in Jesus' name.
20. O you earth, earth, earth: hear the word of God: accept my feet on the soil of increase in Jesus' name.
21. Shadow of failure and error: I'm not your candidate in Jesus' name.
22. Lord Jesus, make my enemies clap for me where they cannot fold their hands in Jesus' name.
23. I reject a room in the dark places of the earth in Jesus' name.
24. Power of evil spiritual riot against my promotion, die in Jesus' name.
25. Lord, withdraw my name from evil circulation in Jesus' name.
26. Power reporting me to hell and hades: die in Jesus' name.
27. Appointment with leanness and dryness: fail in Jesus' name.
28. Evil pattern of obscurity of my environment, break in Jesus' name.
29. The room of my enlargement will not crumble in Jesus' name.
30. Powers blowing evil horns against my success: die in Jesus' name.
31. I send all the plaques of Egypt and sudden destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah to all my pursuers in Jesus' name.
32. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Trouble every troubler of The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
33. Holy Ghost arise, uproot stubborn weed in The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name.
34. Clouds of trouble and battle hanging over Nigeria, scatter in Jesus' name.
35. Thank you Lord for launching me into significance in Jesus' name.

Glory to God! Pls, pray and share. God bless you more. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 08-08-2016).





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