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With My Eyes Will I See The Reward Of The Wicked!


Topic: With My Eyes Will I See The Reward Of The Wicked!

Texts: Psalm 91 vs 8.

Prayer Targets:

Those who want God to move against forces, voices and faces of wickedness troubling their lives and those who are no longer patient with setbacks and threats to their glory.


I'm serving a God of reward! He is a God of knowledge and by Him every action is weighed. He is an impartial judge of the entire universe and a God that knows the intents and motives of every heart. My God knows every work and the secret worker. He knows tongues of guile, eyes of scorn; hands of violence and feet of evil.

The words of the Lord say that evil shall slay the wicked. The horns of the wicked shall be cut off and there is no peace for the wicked. God has assured the wicked that it shall be ill with him and that the wicked shall be silent in darkness. The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination unto the Lord and so shall it be in Jesus' name.

I'm not afraid of the counsel of the wicked against me because it will not stand. I'm not afraid of his threats and boasts because they shall be of no effect. I refuse to fear the floods of ungodly men, the snares of death and the shadow of the valley of death. The words of the Lord say that, through God, I shall do valiantly for it is He that will tread down my enemies.

Those fighting to take over what belongs to me are wicked and they will go down for me in Jesus' name. Those making sacrifices against my success are wicked and they will be struck with the rod of iron in Jesus' name. Those reporting me to evil altars, covens and cauldron are wicked and they shall go into the lower parts of the earth in Jesus' name. The reward of the wicked shall no longer be delayed. God will remember His vengeance against him in Jesus' name.

I trust God that He will not allow the wicked to go unpunished. He will withdraw His mercies from him, deny him any form of repentance and harden his heart until the day of destruction. Merchants of wickedness will buy wickedness. Sowers of evil will reap evil. Every manipulator will be manipulated and those who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind in Jesus' name.

God assures me that I will see the reward of the wicked because the wicked will not see my end. The spirit of the Lord will raise a standard against him and drive him into the hottest spot in hell in Jesus' name. A little while, the wicked will be no more. God will dash him in pieces like a potter's vessel and sweep him away with His broom of destruction in Jesus' mighty name! Amen.


Appreciate the Lord who is able to rescue you from the devices of the crafty. Call Him by all His names that you know.

1. Judge of the whole universe, I bow before your fearful name in Jesus' name.
2. Father,  appear to my troublers as  consuming fire in Jesus' name.
3. Repay the wrath of wicked powers against me with your own wrath in Jesus' name.
4. Witchcraft tithe against my blessings: fail in Jesus' name.
5. Midnight sacrifices against my manifestation: fail in Jesus' name.
6. Assembly of wicked elders summoning me for battle: receive fire and scatter in Jesus' name.
7. Demonic election programmed to remove me from glory: fail in Jesus' name.
8. Witchcraft examination designed to raise affliction against me: be canceled in Jesus' name.
9. Power of daylight and midnight manipulations: backfire in Jesus' name.
10. Army of satan armed against my success: receive defeat in Jesus' name.
11. Holy Ghost, destroy temptations assigned to swallow my testimonies in Jesus' name.
12. Priests of darkness waging war against me: die in your own battle in Jesus' name.
13. Facilitators of wickedness against me, receive wage of trouble in Jesus' name.
14. Account of wickedness opened in my name, be liquidated in Jesus' name.
15. Register of wickedness opened in my name, receive fire and burn to ashes in Jesus' name.
16. Powers running errands of wickedness concerning me, my home, work and ministry: die in Jesus' name.
17. Wickedness of financial desert standing against me: scatter in Jesus' name.
18. Wickedness of delay of good things working against me: scatter in Jesus' name.
19. Wickedness of robbery of virtues: scatter in Jesus' name.
20. Wickedness of abortion of favours: scatter in Jesus' name.
21. Holy Ghost, close every account of impossibility opened in my name in Jesus' name.
22. Evil timing against my health: fail in Jesus' name.
23. Agreement of wicked elders against my next level: break by fire in Jesus' name,
24. Holy Ghost, use my enemies' lives in exchange for my life in Jesus' name.
25. My mouth: reject kisses of death in Jesus' name.
26. Where is the Lord God of Elijah? Arise now and trouble the troublers of your work in the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name.
27. Holy Ghost arise by thunder and uproot whatever you did not plant in the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name.
28. Power of great revival, come upon the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name.
29. Lord Jesus, awake your church from slumber and sleep of death in Jesus' name.
30. Thank you Lord for approving and enforcing your judgment against the wicked ones around me in Jesus' name.

Praise God! Pls, pray & share widely. God bless you more. Pastor Dele Oyewale( May 16, 2016).









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