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Prosperity's Tablets & Multi-vitamins.

Topic: Prosperity's Tablets &  Multi-vitamins.


Text: Luke 6 vs 38, 2 Corinthians 9 vs 6-8.

Texts: Luke 6 vs 38, 2 Corinthians 9 vs 6-8.
Prayer Targets: 
Those seeking the wealth of God; those wishing to come out of poverty and deprivation trap and those who don't want their wealth to diminish. 
The same God that made Abraham the father of nations and offered him the wealth of nations is my God. He will prosper me more and more and I will lend to nations conveniently and consistently in Jesus' name. Amen. 
Ecclesiastes 7 vs 12 recognizes the primacy of wisdom and money in the affairs of life thus: " For wisdom is a defence, and money is a defence, but the excellency of knowledge is, that wisdom giveth life to them that have it".  This is a naked truth. Today, we want to pray about money. God says that money is a defence. Ecclesiastes 10:19 even says it bluntly:  "........money answereth all things"! This shows that, even with God, money has a primal place. 
Now, you may ask: what tablet or multi-vitamin can we take to make money available like water; massive as dusts and a willing lap dog that we can always send on errands? There is not a single answer to this question because the tablets are many. Let me quickly point out that money alone does not translate into prosperity. The believer's prosperity, according to 3 John vs 2 is: wealth, health  and sound spirituality. All of them have equal weight and God will bless you and I with them generously in Jesus' name. 
In addressing the issue of wealth( other issues related to prosperity will be considered in later prayer programs), the first tablet of wealth is the God tablet. Deuteronomy 8 vs 18 says that it is God that gives us power to get wealth. God does this by His favours, mercy, grace, discretion and covenant. The wealth of Abraham came through the God tablet. Joseph, Daniel, Jacob and others became wealthy through this tablet. This same tablet will work for you today in Jesus' name. 
The second tablet is the Sowing Tablet. Luke 6 vs 38 is very succinct about this. Givers are rivers: they flow in all seasons. This tablet is so potent that God Himself employs it everyday to deal with man. We are all living on the giving of God. Sleep, air, light, water and the rest come to us on a daily basis. They are God's giving to mortal man and human existence depends on them. If God gives by the seconds: should you live for 24 hours without giving anything to anyone?
Giving is the ignition and engine of prosperity. If by accident, you come to prosperity, you cannot sustain it by accident. Givers need not worry about tomorrow: their giving will do that for them! David and Solomon are classic givers: they gave their best and the best became their lots. The Sowing Tablet  has never failed once and it won't fail until the world is over. Seed time and harvest time are God's special times: they are the only times that cannot expire! 
The entire world survives on seed: whatever is received that was not seeded is greed and greed, like a broken reed, can never stand on its own. God is so faithful about his blessings to sowers to the extent that, he places them above eaters. The Bible says that God gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater. This means that without the sower, the eater will simply starve to death: the seed comes before the bread! As you pray today,  God will give you the power of the sower and your prosperity will stand in Jesus' name. Amen. Shalom. 
Sing heartily to the Lord of prosperity. 
1. Holy Father of all goodness, glory to your mighty name in Jesus' name. 
2.  Lord Jesus, maximize your power of wealth over all issues of my life in your mighty name. 
3. Wealth without borders, locate me now in Jesus' name. 
4. King of glory, give me gifts that the whole world will buy in Jesus' name. 
5. Power to interpret unknown dreams, locate me now in Jesus' name. 
6. Father,  give me a key to open the hearts of kings in Jesus' name. 
7. My storehouse will not lack supplies in Jesus' name. 
8. Holy father,  give me a seed of Isaac that will berth Rehoboth in Jesus' name. 
9. My seed will not fall into a grave in Jesus' name. 
10. Father, give a voice of victory to my seed in the day of battle in Jesus' name. 
11. Lord Jesus, open all the windows of heaven unto my ( work, business, ministry, marriage) and pour new blessings unto me in Jesus' name. 
12. I shall not live in the sun when I should live in the rain in Jesus' name. 
13. Spirit of wealth, move me from riches to wealth, wealth to prosperity and prosperity to flourishing in Jesus' name. 
14. My prince will never walk bare-footed in Jesus' name. 
15.  Anointing of the water-springs, fall upon me in Jesus' name. 
16. My well of wealth will not dry up in Jesus' name. 
17. Resources to service widows, strangers, fatherless and the needy, locate me now in Jesus' name. 
18. Holy Spirit, work in me to believe and bless your Prophets continually in Jesus' name. 
19. Lord of grace, settle me in a land flowing with milk and honey in Jesus' name. 
20. Holy Ghost, make nations serve me with all their treasures in Jesus' name. 
21. Lord of mercy, open the doors which unpaid tithes have closed before me in Jesus' name.
22. Power of famine and fasting, break in Jesus' name. 
23. Spiritual bags with holes: get out of my way in Jesus' name. 
24. Invisible hands collecting my harvest, dry up by fire in Jesus' name. 
25. Lord Jesus, feed me with good figs everyday of my life in Jesus' name. 
26. Wealth that eluded my ancestors, locate and serve me in Jesus' name. 
27. Lord, place a mark of gold and silver upon me in Jesus' name. 
28. Lord of increase, pour your riches upon every helper of the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name. 
29. The roof of blessings over Nigeria will not be removed in Jesus' name. 
30. Thank you Lord for feeding me with the tablets and vitamins of prosperity in Jesus' name. 
Hallelujah! Pls, sow a seed of good success  into a credible ministry. Pray & share and stay refreshed in Jesus' name. Pastor Dele Oyewale( October 5th, 2015).





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