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Let The Living Water Flow Over My Soul!

Topic: Let The Living Water Flow Over My Soul! 


Text: John 7 vs 38

God will make my soul His residence, my spirit His living room and my body His holy temple all the days of my life. I shall not host lizards in my soul; serpents and scorpions shall never invade my spirit and my body shall not be dis- honoured by mud, dust and bile in Jesus' name. 
I'm not afraid of stormy waters. I'm not afraid of raging flood because the spirit of the Lord will surely prevail upon the waters. God had caused His spirit to move upon the waters in the beginning and no flood is allowed to submerge my life in Jesus' name. 
I'm not afraid of grim darkness because the spirit of God is a spirit of light. I can see through the darkness of fear, worry and anxiety. I can see through the gloom of lies and plots. The light of God is my illumination and enlightenment. My eyes suffer no ignorance and my vision  is alive in Jesus' name. 
God's living water is the cure of my thirst. I have the water of strength, health and wholeness in Jesus' name. I have the water of victory over sickness, failure and affliction. I have the water of immunity against death and destruction. God's water is my victory over dryness and famine in Jesus' name. 
Lord Jesus, let the living waters flow over my soul. Let the waters of God take the desert of man away in my life. My soul must rejoice at the surge of the waters of God. It must celebrate the life of the most High that is living in it. My soul must live above sorrow because the living waters is its joy in Jesus' name. 
There is a festival of God in my soul. There is a feast of the spirit of God. The living waters have taken away all pains. Tears have taken a flight. Troubles have bowed out. God is God in all issues of my life. His spirit is a banner of life over my journeys and there is nothing that will not yield to the power of the spirit of my maker in Jesus' name. 
Living water of God, flow freely over my soul. Flow like the river over all issues of life. Flow and break barriers and barricade. Flow into fullness of grace and glory. Flow into all sufficiency in all things. Flow into favour and help and make me a song and celebration in all ends of the world in Jesus' name. Amen! 
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Father, Father, Father
Spirit, Spirit, Spirit
Let Your living water flow over my soul.
Let Your Holy Spirit come and take control.
Of every situation that has troubled my mind.
All my cares and burdens on You I do roll.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Father, Father, Father
Spirit, Spirit, Spirit
Give your life to Jesus, let Him fill your soul.
Let Him take you in His arms and make you whole.
If you give your life to Him, He'll set you free.
You can live and reign with Him eternally.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Father, Father, Father
Spirit, Spirit, Spirit
Come now, Holy Spirit, and take full control.
Take me in Your loving arms and make me whole.
Lord, I give my life to Thee, for all it's worth.
Take me, Lord, and use me upon this earth.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Father, Father, Father
Spirit, Spirit, Spirit
1. Holy Spirit divine, blessed be your holy name! 
2. Father, by your spirit, pull down evil towers in all areas of my life in Jesus' name. 
3. Power of stubborn addiction, break in Jesus' name. 
4. Holy Ghost, reverse the irreversible in my health in Jesus' name. 
5. Let all my broken bones begin to rejoice now in Jesus' name. 
6. Holy Spirit, command your wholeness into my finances and marriage in Jesus' name. 
7. My amputated testimony, receive healing by the Holy Ghost in Jesus' name. 
8. Evil veil of my father's house, break and burn in Jesus' name. 
9. Holy Ghost, appear in the battle field and smite my contenders with your fire in Jesus' name.
10. Palace of troubles around my life, come down by fire in Jesus' name. 
11. My emotional hunger, receive food now in Jesus' name. 
12. Power of new results, fall upon me in Jesus' name. 
13. Holy Spirit, change my waste to wealth in Jesus' name. 
14. By your spirit Lord, let all the components of my destiny show forth your praise in Jesus' name. 
15. I shall not burn the bridge of my help in Jesus' name. 
16. Power digging pits for me in the dark, die in Jesus' name. 
17. Holy Spirit, make my eyes your magnifying lens in Jesus' name. 
18. I shall not be the pride of satan in Jesus' name. 
19. Forces of false balance and unjust weight, fail in Jesus' name. 
20. Holy Ghost, place me on the upper rung of the ladder of wisdom in Jesus' name. 
21. I shall not be stingy to my angels of blessings in Jesus' name. 
22. Father, give me my portion of the land of inheritance in Jesus' name. 
23. Holy Spirit, place my future in my pocket by the power of your vision in Jesus' name. 
24. Overtake evil reapers of my benefits and blessings in Jesus' name. 
25. Lord of hosts, go into battle against postponers of my breakthrough in Jesus' name. 
26. Fire of God, burn plantation of robbers around my life in Jesus' name. 
27. Lord Jesus, let the living water soak the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name. 
28. Father, strengthen your church against the hour of temptation in Jesus' name. 
29. Holy Ghost, make a new garment of glory for Nigeria in Jesus' name. 
30. Thank you Lord for rewarding me with the overflow of your spirit in Jesus' name. 
Glory to God! Pls, pray & share. God bless you. Pastor Dele Oyewale( August 17, 2015). 







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