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War Against Spiritual Robbers (2)

Topic: War Against Spiritual Robbers (2)

Text: Psalm 35 vs 1-6.

Confessions: God will surely arise and fulfill His vengeance against plotters and robbers operating in the realm of the spirit against my blessings and glory in Jesus' name.
2 Timothy 4 vs 1 says that "And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom: to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen". This scripture is quite relevant in our prayers against deliverance from spiritual robbers. Last week, we dealt with some of these robbers and today, we shall briefly consider five of such robbers: Robbers of virtues; robbers of lifespan; robbers of answered prayers; hijackers of stars and sharers of profits. They are all evil, vicious and mean and God will pull us away from them in Jesus' name. 
1. Robbers of virtues: These ones identify glorious destinies beaming with virtues and design evil means of transferring such virtues to themselves. Virtues are spiritual genes of success and greatness in each individual. There are financial virtues, ministerial virtues( for Pastors); matrimonial, career, health and fitness virtues among others. Witches and demonic operatives usually hunt for these virtues but God will destroy every evil eye on your virtues in Jesus' name.
2. Robbers of lifespan: Evil workers do exchange their short lifespan for longer ones they see in others. They manipulate and orchestrate their victims and dispossess them of their natural lifespan. Satanic parents, sensing death, do rob their children of their lifespan and use their lives in exchange for theirs. Satanic spouses and siblings and friends may do the same but your lifespan will not be available for such people to tamper with in Jesus' name.
3. Robbers of answered prayers: These ones steal answers to prayers and blessings of their victims. They do come in the realm of the spirit to spiritual gatherings with bowls and baskets to collect people's blessings. Some of them appear as hens picking up blessings like corns in churches. They are dedicated and committed robbers. God will not give your blessings to such ones in Jesus' name. 
4. Hijackers of stars: Matthew 2 vs 2 makes us to know that stars of people can be seen. Evil workers, seeing bright and glorious stars, do devise schemes to hijack, divert, pervert or destroy such stars. Vigilance is the key. Prayers is the master key. God will not allow your star to be tampered with in Jesus' name. 
5. Sharers of profits: Sharing of profit is not only a physical thing. It does happen in the realm of the spirit. Many people labour much but have nothing to show for it. Why? Sharers of profits may have cornered their gains. Operatives of darkness are capable of seeing booty in the realm of the spirit and appropriate it to themselves. Again, vigilance and prayers are very important in avoiding, overcoming and defeating these heinous workers. 
Beloved, I want you to know that all these insights are not conjectures. They are real. Those involved in such business of hell know themselves. They know they are hell-bound, if they don't repent. As a child of God, you have a responsibility to pray against their evil works and extricate your destiny from their breath and hold. As you pray today, may all the fires of hell begin to roast every spiritual robber targeting your glory in Jesus' name. Amen. Shalom. 
Song: Onward Christian Soldiers!
Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, 
with the cross of Jesus going on before. 
Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe; 
forward into battle see his banners go! 
Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, 
with the cross of Jesus going on before. 
At the sign of triumph Satan's host doth flee; 
on then, Christian soldiers, on to victory! 
Hell's foundations quiver at the shout of praise; 
brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise. 
Like a mighty army moves the church of God; 
brothers, we are treading where the saints have trod. 
We are not divided, all one body we, 
one in hope and doctrine, one in charity. 
Crowns and thrones may perish, kingdoms rise and wane, 
but the church of Jesus constant will remain. 
Gates of hell can never gainst that church prevail; 
we have Christ's own promise, and that cannot fail. 
Onward then, ye people, join our happy throng, 
blend with ours your voices in the triumph song. 
Glory, laud, and honor unto Christ the King, 
this through countless ages men and angels sing. 
1. My Lord, my refuge and my deliverer, glory to your name in Jesus' name. 
2. Arise O Lord, show yourself as a man of war to every spiritual robber targeting my glory for destruction in Jesus' name. 
3. Terror of God, appear mightily to robbers scheming for my virtues in Jesus' name. 
4. My financial virtues:  become an angel of war and fight your robbers in Jesus' name. 
5. My ministerial virtues: become a chariot of Elijah and consume your robbers by fire in Jesus' name. 
6. My health virtues: become the lightning of God and strike your robbers to destruction in Jesus' name. 
7.  The days of my life shall not serve the devises of robbers in Jesus' name. 
8. Traders of life and buyers of years: my life and years are not available in Jesus' name. 
9. Prince of Persia withholding answers to my prayers, receive angelic confrontation and release my blessings in Jesus' name. 
10. Lord Jesus, supervise the delivery of answers to my prayers yourself in your mighty name. 
11. Robbers of answered prayers: I'm not your candidate in Jesus' name. 
12. My star, take a garment of fire and burn powers fighting to steal you in Jesus' name. 
13. Evil eyes shall not blink at my star in Jesus' name.
14. Powers assigned to enslave my star, die in Jesus' name. 
15. Powers using my star to shine, die in Jesus' name. 
16. Programs designed to hijack my star, fail in Jesus' name. 
17. Lord, move me away from labour-intensive field to profit-intensive hall in Jesus' name. 
18. Powers of permanent workshop syndrome,  die in Jesus' name. 
19. Lord, make my destiny a showroom of your profits in Jesus' name. 
20. Satanic police officers of my virtues, die in Jesus' name.
21. Father, deliver me from conscious and unconscious agreement and engagement with robbers of destiny in Jesus' name.
22. I refuse to eat carrots packaged as exchange for my glory in Jesus' name. 
23. I vomit( put yourself in a vomiting position) cucumber of Egypt eaten consciously or unconsciously against my glory and blessings in Jesus' name. 
24. Palace of strangers erected on my land of glory, come down now in Jesus' name. 
25. Father, make me a Christian of power and spirit in Jesus' name. 
26. Deliver me from the breath, breeze and bosom of darkness in Jesus' name. 
27.  I reject repeated exclusion from success in Jesus' name. 
28. Father, remember your vengeance against all troublers of my glory in Jesus' name. 
29. Put me on the journey of ease and shelter me in the residence of peace everyday of my life in Jesus' name. 
30. Terminate the reign of Pharaoh and set Herod up for terminal errors in Jesus' name. 
31. Father, launch the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project into great favour with God and man in Jesus' name.
32. Break, batter and bury every agenda of darkness against the Praise, Proclaim & Pray Project in Jesus' name. 
33. Father, revive your church unto complete obedience in Jesus' name.
34. Plant the feet of Nigeria on the rock of new greatness in Jesus' name. 
35. Thank you Lord for  redeeming me from the hand of the enemy in Jesus' name. 
Glory to God! Pls, pray & share. God bless you. Pastor Dele Oyewale( July 27th, 2015).






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