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My Past Will Not Be My Future In Jesus' Name.

Topic: My Past Will Not Be My Future In Jesus' Name.

Text: Isaiah 43 vs 18;  2 Corinthians 5 vs 17,  Exo 14 vs 15, Prov 4:18.


One great privilege of being a Christian is the grace to live  everyday better, finer, richer and greater than yesterday. Everyday is a plus to the believer. God is positive, optimistic and futuristic in all His dealings with us ( Jer 29 vs 11). The only reason life is better than death is that every life has a future but death is a cruel stopper. You will live your life to the utmost in Jesus' name.

Satan is aware of our abundant future and this is why he is always fighting to return us to our past. He does this by bringing us back to our old sins; old fears; old worries; old habits; old disposition and everything that the salvation of God has taken away from us. The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5 vs 17 that old things have passed away for the believer. Satan will not hear this and will do all within his devices to tempt us into the old life. God will grant us victory over sin, Satan and the world in Jesus' name.

Our enemies are ever angry about the bright lights of our future. They are simply uneasy with the new prospects and the joys that the Lord has set before us. They are bitter about the new children that are coming; the new jobs in the horizon; the new business knocking at the door, the handsome husband emerging from the shadows, the pretty wife that will do us good; the promotion coming tomorrow and all the glorious titillations of the future! But God won't allow the enemy to stop us in Jesus' name.

It is an awful experience for the past to become the future- the errors, regrets, losses, pains, deprivations, delays of the past will not come back to you in Jesus' name. The disgrace, disappointments, deceits and dishonor of the past are gone and will not come back in Jesus' name. The threats and boasts of the enemy against your breakthrough will not stand in Jesus' name( Isaiah 7 vs 7). God does not have any business with our past- He is positive that our future will be great.

To ensure that the future comes real- we need prayers, faith, love, merry heart and sacrificial living. We need the spirit of God( John 6 vs 63), we need vigilance( Matt 26 vs 41), we need continence( Gal. 5 vs 22) and a life of holiness. All these are possible if we are determined. The future is too important to be surrendered to any opportunistic sin. Ask God to empower you to fight your temptations. Refuse to yield to whatever may return you to your past. Develop mortal hatred for all old pits and don't go into a new one! God will see us through in Jesus' name. Ask God to release His spirit into your life and your life will never remain the same in Jesus' name.

1.  Sing:  Amazing grace how sweet the sound/ that saves a wretch like me/ I was once lost but now I'm found/ Was blind but now I see.
2. Spend quality time on quality repentance today. Make a promise to God that you won't commit that sin again by His grace.
3. Holy spirit,  x-ray my life and show me my real person in Jesus' name
4.  Wash me thoroughly with your holy water and make me acceptable to you in Jesus' name.
5.  O Lord, by your power, destroy demons repeating sins in my life  in Jesus' name
6. Covenant of failure made in my name, break totally today in Jesus' name.
7.  Evil oaths sworn against my glory, be destroyed by the blood of Jesus' in Jesus' name.
8. O Lord, break every yoke of sinful addiction in my life in Jesus' name.
9. I refuse to repeat the same class of errors in Jesus' name.
10. Power of God, pull me out of the pit of my father's house in Jesus' name.
11. Holy spirit, deliver me from stubborn contacts of my past in Jesus' name.
12.  My Lord and my saviour, destroy evil pots cooking afflictions into my life in Jesus' name.
13. I receive new grace to overcome evil attractions in Jesus' name.
14. O Lord, help me never to abuse your grace again in Jesus' name
15. O Lord arise, destroy evil patterns of failure around my life in Jesus' name
16.  I overcome every spiritual death sentence around my life in Jesus' name.
17. O Lord arise, pull down brickwalls erected against my future in Jesus' name.
18. Appoint for me facilitators of grace and accelerators of help in Jesus' name
19. Holy spirit, be my daily whistle blower and revealer of evil designs against my future.
20. I receive exceeding grace to move in the direction of light all the days of my life in Jesus' name
21.  Thank you Lord for traveling into my future before I get there!

Hallelujah! Pls, pray & share. God bless you. Pastor Dele Oyewale( 23/02/2015).





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