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Monday Prayer Program


Topic: Diggers Of Horrible Pits  Shall Fall Into Them!



Texts:  Proverbs 26 vs 27,  Psalms 9 vs 15 & 2 Timothy 4 vs 18. 
Prayer Targets:  
Everyone asking God for victory over stubborn and hard enemies and those believing God for deliverance from evil dreams, evil prophecies and strange battles.
I bless the Lord Most High, faithful keeper,  living redeemer;  refuge from the storm,  shade from the heat,  present help in trouble and Lord of hosts.   God is indeed my light and my salvation.  He is my shield, my glory and the lifter up of my head.  The Lord is my rock;  strength, deliverer,  fortress,  buckler,  high tower and the horn of my salvation in Jesus' name. 
Thank you Lord because you came to give me life and life more abundantly.  You have given me eternal life and I shall never perish and neither shall any man pluck me out of your hand.  I bless your name for your word which cannot be broken nor be battered; nor be caged; nor be buried.  The words that you speak are spirits and life and I'm sustained by the power of your word in Jesus' name. 
Many are the afflictions of the righteous.  Many are the designs of the enemy and cruel is the rage of the evil ones.  However,  the Lord is able to keep and preserve me. The Lord is able to keep me in the shadow of His wings. The Lord is able to hide me in His pavilion and the secrets of His tabernacle.  My life is hid in Christ and no terror of the enemy can reach me in Jesus' name. 
My enemies dug many pits all around. They dug graves and prepared coffins.  They are desperate and aggressive.  They are venomous and vindictive.  But God is the Bishop and Shepherd of my soul.  He has redeemed my soul from the power of the grave. He has ransomed me from the power of death and destruction and my soul shall live in the mighty name of Jesus. 
By the word of the Lord, every digger of pit shall fall into it.  Those who rolled a stone against me shall receive the stone on their heads and those who seek my soul to destroy it shall go into the lower parts of the earth. They shall fall by the sword and be a portion for foxes. Through God I shall do valiantly because it is He that shall tread down all my enemies in Jesus' name. 
I confess victory over proud waters. I declare victory over the snares of death and flood of ungodly men. I confess victory over devices of the wicked and I prevail over every unfruitful works of darkness in Jesus' name.  My soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the fowler.  The snare is broken and I escape in Jesus' name.  I pronounce destruction upon my troublers and they that strive against me shall perish forever in Jesus' mighty name.  Amen. 
Please, sing these songs: 
a. My God can do all things/ O Yes/ He can do all things/ O Yes! 
b.  Victory, victory, Hallelujah/ Hallelujah/ Hallelujah/ Victory, victory, hallelujah/ Jesus conquer the devil/ March, am, march, am! 
c.  The blood of Jesus set me free/ from sin and satan/ the blood of Jesus set me free! 
1.  Holy Spirit,  awesome and marvelous God, blessed be your name in Jesus' name. 
2. I bless your hand upon which is my soul and breath in Jesus' name. 
3. I bless you Lord for the word of life and victory you have spoken concerning me in Jesus' name. 
4.  Every evil programming and projection of satan and his agents against my soul, fail in Jesus' name. 
5. Every evil works concluded against my soul, backfire in Jesus' name. 
6.  Every funeral songs composed and sung in my name in the dark places of the earth,  backfire in Jesus' name. 
7. Every deep waters assigned to swallow me, swallow your makers in Jesus' name. 
8. Arise O Lord by your mercy and power, scatter the aggression of enemies against me in Jesus' name. 
9.  Angels of life and victory, surround my life day and night in Jesus' name. 
10.  Every pit of death, destruction, affliction, lack,  shame, reproach,  iniquity,  errors, backsliding;  prayerlessness, failure, doom and desolation dug in my name, swallow your diggers in Jesus' name. 
11. By the word of the Lord, God shall deliver me from every evil works and preserve me unto His heavenly kingdom to whom be glory forever and ever in Jesus' name. 
12. My health,  finances, work, marriage, business,  children, husband, wife, and ministry, come out of the pit in Jesus' name( Repeat: Come out in Jesus' name 21 times) 
13. O Lord of covenant, arise in your anger and judge every troubler of The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
14.  Holy Spirit,  raise a standard against stubborn powers boasting against you in The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
15. Power of global revival, fall upon The Throne Apostolic Ministry in Jesus' name. 
16. Nigeria, hear the word of the Lord, come out of the pit of war and sorrow in Jesus' name. 
17. Blood of Jesus, speak victory and deliverance upon my glory in Jesus' name. 
18. Thank you Lord for your love and mercy in Jesus' name. 
Hallelujah!  Pls, pray violently and share widely.  Are you prepared for Rapture? Jesus is ready to come now.  Pls,  repent. Pls, be revived.  God bless you more.  Pastor Dele Oyewale( 29 October, 2018).




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